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I was caught shoplifting an amount of $100+ at the university store 3 years ago. The police came to the store and gave me a campus appearance ticket, a persona non grata, and a ticket to appear in court. The campus ticket was resolved (community service). However, I never received anything in the mail about appearing in court, and my judicial officer at school told me that the incident would stay within the school disciplinary system.
Now, as I apply to law school, I have found that the incident is on my permanent record, available on a background check as a police report. Is it possible I missed my court date/ have gotten a bench warrant? (Additionally, I spent last year abroad for 1 year– could I have gotten the visa approved with a bench warrant?)


I have advised clients as a Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney that if you received an appearance ticket it requires you to appear in court on the date of the ticket. Failure to appear usually results in a bench warrant. I would advise that you call the local court and arrange to appear on the day when the Assistant District Attorney is present and you may be able to resolve it all at one appearance.

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