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Defending Against a DWIIf you have been arrested for drunk driving, it is best to hire a lawyer who is experienced in defending against a DWI arrest. Contact dedicated New York attorney Arthur Pressman today for fierce legal representation.

Defending Against a DWI | Expungement

As an experienced Buffalo DWI Lawyer, people often ask me whether a DWI conviction can be expunged or sealed. In New York State if you get arrested and convicted of a DWI or a lesser charge of driving while impaired, that cannot be sealed or expunged. The reason being is the prosecutors in law enforcement need to look back on your driving record to see if you have any previous convictions. If you do have previous convictions for an alcohol-related offense, your penalties on a future arrest can be enhanced.

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Defending Against a DWI | Sleeping in a Vehicle

Our clients often ask, “If I’m sleeping in my vehicle and the car is not running or moving, can I get arrested for a DWI?” The answer depends on a number of different variables such as, were your keys in the ignition? Was the car running? Was your intent to drive the vehicle while you were intoxicated? My office looks into all these facts, investigates all the circumstances, and we will defend you if your car was not moving and your intent was not to drive.

If you want legal guidance for fighting a DWI, please call our experienced Buffalo DWI lawyer Arthur Pressman today for a free consultation.

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