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Understanding DWI Penalties in New YorkA DWI conviction can result in serious and immediate consequences. The penalties are severe and can have a cascading effect on your driving privileges, employment, and assets. Understanding DWI penalties in New York is crucial. Contact our office right away if you have any questions.

Understanding DWI Penalties in New York | DWAI

You will be convicted of a DWI (driving while intoxicated) if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08% or higher, and you demonstrate other evidence of intoxication. A DWAI stands for “Driving while ability impaired,” and can be applied either to alcohol or drugs. You may be convicted of a DWAI-Alcohol if you have a BAC between 0.05% and .07%, or if you show other evidence that you are impaired. A charge of DWAI-Drug will result if you are found to be impaired by chemical substances other than alcohol.

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Understanding DWI Penalties in New York | Refusal to Take a Chemical Test

When you refuse to take alcohol testing by blood or urine, or by a host of other means, your license will be revoked, and you may have to pay a $500 civil penalty. In New York, there is a zero-tolerance law for any driver under the age of 21. You are charged with a DWI if you are found to have any traces of alcohol in your system.

Understanding DWI Penalties in New York | Multiple Convictions

The more times you are convicted of a DWI, the harsher the penalties will be. Even a single prior offense can quadruple your jail time and double the fines you will have to pay. If you or a family member needs a DWI attorney who is familiar with New York state criminal law, contact Buffalo DWI Attorney Arthur L. Pressman at (716) 200-4625 or online. For your convenience, our office is on the subway line, and we offer a free initial phone consultation seven days a week.

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