Common Mistakes in a Personal Injury Claim

In the aftermath of a personal injury, people often make a number of mistakes that can be detrimental to a case. If you want to have a successful case, make sure to avoid the following.

Number one, don’t avoid medical treatment. When you do get medical treatment, don’t forget to follow up with that medical treatment once you’ve received it.

Next, do not give any recorded statements to the insurance company of the liable party. We don’t ever want someone making a statement to an insurance company and saying things that could be used against them somewhere down the line.

Finally, don’t delay getting an attorney. When you do begin looking for a lawyer, make sure that you pick a lawyer who’s experienced in personal injury cases and who won’t , hesitate to zealously advocate on your behalf with the insurance companies.

If you have any questions regarding an injury that you suffered through the negligence of others, please call our office to schedule a free consultation.

This short informational video was brought to you by Arthur Pressman, an experienced Buffalo personal injury lawyer.

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