Verdicts and Case Results for Arthur L. Pressman

Results From A Traffic ticket in Buffalo, NY

A Buffalo woman was charged with DWI and several traffic tickets, including Leaving the Scene of an Accident. She took the Breathalyzer test and blew a .23 BAC. We took this case to trial and I was successful in keeping the breath test reading from being introduced into evidence. At the close of the trial she was found not guilty of DWI and convicted of the lesser non-criminal charge of DWAI. The traffic tickets, including the Leaving the Scene of an Accident, were dismissed.

A man was charged in Buffalo with a DWI and failing to submit to a breath test. He was entitled to a hearing on whether the breath test request was authorized by law. At the refusal hearing the judge found that the officers lacked a legal basis for arresting my client for DWI. The judge granted my request to have my client’s license restored.

A Buffalo man was recently charged with DWI and a traffic ticket of leaving the scene of an accident. My client was not found at the scene of the accident but was arrested walking near his home about thirty minutes later. Although there were no witnesses that saw him driving this vehicle, he was still charged with DWI. After a trial was held in City Court of Buffalo, my client was acquitted of the DWI and his full driving privileges were restored.

A teenager was recently charged with felony possession of drugs following an arrest at Darien Lake Amusement Park. She had in her possession a large quantity of pills. After conferring with the District Attorney at Darien Lake Town Court, we were able to show that these pills were lawfully prescribed and the felony charge was ultimately dismissed. This young woman’s record was then sealed.

A young man was charged in Buffalo with DWI and refusing to take the breath test. At the time he only possessed a learner’s permit. Normally, he would not be able to receive a restricted license at the conclusion of the DWI case if he still had a learner’s permit. I was able to convince the judge to extend the case for several months to allow my client to take a road test and receive a regular license. At the conclusion of his DWI case, he was able to get a restricted license.

A Pennsylvania woman was charged with speeding 23 mph over the limit. This traffic ticket in Buffalo exposed her to receiving 6 points on her license, driving school and a large increase in her insurance. She attempted to negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduction in her ticket. Unfortunately, she was unsuccessful. After contacting my firm we were able to resolve her ticket with minimal points, no driving school and she didn’t have to return to Buffalo for her court date.

Results From A DWI in Buffalo, NY

A Canadian resident was arrested for DWI in Buffalo following a Buffalo Bills football game. The client had a high breath test reading and was looking at a long revocation of his driving privileges. After trial I was able to convince the court that the test reading was flawed. The judge found my client guilty of a reduced charged of Driving While Impaired. This spared the motorist a criminal record.

Results Achieved For A University of Buffalo Student

A University of Buffalo student was charged with shoplifting at a local mall. He was arrested with two other students. The accusing papers were vague as to my client’s involvement. The court agreed with my argument that they were legally insufficient and dismissed the charges at his first appearance. The court also granted my request to seal his record

Student Case Results

A student was recently charged with speeding 36 mph over the limit. This traffic ticket exposed him to getting 8 points on his license, driving school and a large increase in his insurance. He attempted to resolve this by himself but was unsuccessful. After he contacted my firm, we were able to resolve his ticket with minimal points, no driving school and a reasonable fine.

A University of Buffalo student was charged with possession of a controlled substance while visiting the Chippewa area during the weekend. He was among three individuals who were arrested for the same offense. His family hired my firm and at his arraignment I was able to argue to the court that the arrest papers were legally insufficient. The court agreed with my argument and dismissed the charges at his first appearance. The court also granted my request to seal his record.

DWI Case Results

A woman was charged with DWI following an arrest at a DWI checkpoint. Under New York State law, the police are required to follow very strict guidelines when setting up a roadblock. After a hearing to contest the legality of the roadblock, the court found that the police had not followed proper procedure. The client’s DWI charges were dismissed and her license was restored.

Lockport City Court Results

I recently represented a man in Lockport for a DWI. The traffic tickets charged him with a very high breath test reading. However, after a review of the DWI documents it became apparent that my client was stopped and issued these tickets unlawfully. A hearing was held in Lockport City Court to contest the legality of the traffic stop and my client’s arrest for DWI. Following my cross-examination of the officer, the judge issued an order dismissing the DWI charge and all other traffic tickets. My client’s license was restored and the record of his arrest for DWI was sealed.

Buffalo City Court Results

I recently represented a teenager in one of the suburban town courts of Buffalo. He was issued a speeding ticket for driving 45 mph over the speed limit. This traffic ticket could have resulted in the suspension of his driving privilege, 11 points on his license and a large fine. I was able to negotiate with the prosecutor a substantial reduction on the traffic ticket. This young man was able to continue driving and the traffic ticket of speeding over 45 mph was dismissed.

Buffalo City Court Results

A commercial trucker was stopped at a roadblock and arrested for DWI. This trucker was not a U.S. citizen and possessed an out-of-state commercial drivers license. If he were convicted of the DWI traffic ticket, he would lose his license and possibly be banned from entering this country. During a trial in Buffalo City Court I was able to attack the breath test reading. After trial the defendant was found not guilty of all DWI charges as well as his other traffic tickets.

Tonawanda Court Results

A client of mine was charged in Tonawanda Court with a traffic ticket of speeding and a traffic ticket of an unsafe lane change. He was a college student from Long Island. One of the services that I am usually able to provide in defending traffic tickets is a waiver of my client’s appearance at all court dates. This saves the client travel expenses and valuable time. I was able to negotiate a reduced plea of no points and no driving school for my client. The court also granted my request to allow my client to pay his fine within thirty days.

Niagara Falls City Court Results

Recently, a client was charged with Reckless Driving and 10 other traffic tickets in Niagara Falls City Court. She was a truck driver who depended on her license for her family’s livelihood. It was immediately apparent that most of these traffic tickets were overcharged or simply not provable. After speaking with the assistant district attorney I was able to negotiate a plea to one parking violation. The remaining traffic tickets were dismissed. I argued to the judge not to impose a fine and my request was granted.

Amherst Town Court Results

A college student was recently charged in Amherst Town Court with the crime of Criminal Mischief. He was accused of damaging property on the UB campus. After meeting with prosecutors I was able to secure a delayed dismissal of all criminal charges for this student. After a six-month period of time his record would be sealed and any prints and mug shots taken would be destroyed.

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Client Reviews

  • I was advised by a mutual acquaintance to contact Mr. Pressman following my DWI that I received on December 28, 2015. This was the best advice that I could have been given. He was available immediately to speak with. I was put at ease after speaking with him. It was my first DWI and I had no idea what to expect. It was an isolated case of making a very foolish decision to drive. I had so much anxiety and fear of the unknown. Throughout my whole case Mr. Pressman was very reassuring and kept a positive attitude about what my outcome was going to be. He was available several times when I had random questions and never made me feel like an inconvenience. He was right! My case ended up being reduced to a violation from a misdemeanor and now I can finally begin to have my life back to normal. It was a hard lesson to learn but with the right attorney by your side the transition will be easier.

    Anita D.
  • Highly recommended Arthur pressman. I don’t live in Buffalo New York but while visiting my family there from Florida. I got pulled over while driving on a, suspended license in Florida. They arrested me and gave me a court date to appear in court and due to me living out of state I just could not afford to go back and forth to buffalo from Florida so that’s when I hired Arthur Pressman. He made sure to handle everything for me and kept me informed with what was going on. I received no points no penalties and the case was dropped. Thank you Arthur pressman your the best. Would definitely recommend you to family and friends.

    Crystal B.
  • Arthur Pressman is who you want representing you in court. My son was pulled over and charged with 3 felonies and several misdemeanors. It was a terrible time, with my son arrested and taken to the holding center. I contacted Mr. Pressmant, and it wasn’t long before the felonies were dropped as were some of the misdemeanors. My son is now getting the help he needs. Mr. Pressman is highly respected in the court system. I am very thankful for what he was able to do. We felt like we were living a nightmare but things turned around and got better because of him. He is very professional but also a genuine nice person . I highly recommend him.