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5 Dennis K Kessinger via

Arthur got me out of a predicament that I put myself into with my big inappropriate mouth. While I didn’t get off without consequences I believe that everything that could have been done was done. I would recommend Mr. Pressman for most anything the average person would have, not just DUI or driving offenses.
A hardworking Honorable man who is an Attorney. Thank you again Arthur.

5 Akshay Patel via

on time on point results! very good service!

5 Argi Hispanic American via

I am more than happy with my outcome. Arthur was very straightforward and he handled everything. I didn’t get points on my license and got the best possible outcome. I would recommend this lawyer. The matter handled in a timely fashion. If I were to run into anything in the future, I will give Arthur a call without hesitation.

5 Cody Miller via

5 Carly Bruce via

5 Heed House Salon via

Arthur is worth every cent!!!! The phrase “ Sharks Are Born Swimming “ is the only way I can explain watching Arthur in a court room. Not only did he defend me, he also delivers on the end result.

5 Sharmin Akter Priyanka via

5 James Longin via

5 Carlos Pacheco via

I could not think of a better and more trustworthy person to take my case than Arthur Pressman. Not only was he professional, answering all the questions and addressing my concerns, but he was also very responsive. If I ever have any problems again, I know I can trust him to take care of my case. I will also be recommending him to any person I know who needs a good lawyer.

5 Tony Wagner via

Great communicator, great results,, remembers every detail and answers every question. Very professional in all aspects. I highly recommend Arthur. Worth every penny.

5 Jed Kuhn via

I got a traffic ticket that I felt was unjust just crossing the border from Canada into New York. I have never contested a ticket before, but I thought that this time I should. For probably less than paying the traffic ticket would have cost, Arthur Pressman went to court and got it knocked down to a jaywalking fine, thus saving me $$$ in terms of fees and rising insurance rates. Totally worth it. I highly recommend Arthur Pressman.

5 Soleil Sol via

Very professional, is the best ever,I had three tickets ,i was fault 100% , but he saved me , I recommended this loyer ,don’t waist your time with somebody else , honestly he has the magic hand to resolve legal problems .

5 Carl Schroeder via

I was very worried about my charges, and the whole situation of finding an attorney was nerve racking. The second I talked to Arthur via the virtual meeting, he had eased all my worries. Very professional, and responsive to all my emails, and answered all my questions. I realized very quickly I made the right decesion. Highly recommended!!

5 Jaimi Feliciano via

I never had any situations with the law before, this was my first, it was very scary, and a nerve wrecking, experience. I couldn’t sleep, I had 5 charges, against me, I search on google for an attorney to help with my situation, and the #1 attorney that pop up was Arthur Pressman. I texted the virtual assistant and received a call back quickly from Mr. Pressman. 2 months later 8/4/2021, we had went to trial. Seeing him in action, was nothing like our phone conversations, our phone conversations i felt were brief and at times I worried, but he always answered my questions, and calmed me down, and had me aware of all possible outcomes. At the trial he was very knowledgeable, it was amazing to see him in action, I was very proud to have him on my corner. I felt super confident and all my worries disappeared, he was able to get all 5 charges dismissed. I would recommend Arthur Pressman to everyone. If you need a great attorney please do not hesitate and call him. (Arthur Pressman Thank you for giving my life back.

5 James Duttweiler via

Arthur did an amazing job with my case, along with answering any and all questions I had very quickly and effectively, I would highly suggest going with Arthur for your attorney

5 Ken via

It is now a number of years later. My original review follows below. As I indicated I would, I have once again used Mr Pressman’s services and am as satisfied as I was originally. I recently gave Mr. Pressman a try and could not have been more pleased with the result. All contact was with him personally. He was clear, concise, on the ball, and a pleasure to deal with. My expectations were exceeded in all regards and I would not hesitate to use his services again in the future.

5 Shawnnny Suarze via

helped me when i needed it. very good at his job!

5 Don Dauman via

Arthur Pressman is professional, responsive and effective. I left a text on his website, (on a Saturday afternoon) regarding a speeding ticket my daughter received on the 33 expressway. Within 15 minutes I got a call from Arthur, himself. He was friendly, professional and gave a thorough description of the process and likely outcome. His fee was suprisingly reasonable and the process could not have been easier. Four days later he called with a successful resolution. I did nothing but provide payment for his services and scan over the ticket. In the end, yes there will be fine but not a moving violation, no need for my daughter to be in court, no points on the license, no driving school, and more importantly, no worry about increased insurance rates for years to come. I will be happily referring all my family and friends to him for traffic violations or any other criminal charges. I could not have dreamed of a better, more effective legal service and outcome. If you are skeptical about affordability, don’t hesitate to call Arthur. He will not disappoint you. I would offer 10 stars if I could.

5 J M via

Arthur has helped me a great deal throughout this past year. Last year he reduced a hamburg 67 in a 45 to a parking ticket. A few months later I was traveling back from Holiday Valley and received a Orchard Park 97 in a 65 and a driving out of class ticket for driving after 9pm with a dj license. He was able to reduce that to two parking tickets… still no points on my license. About a month ago I received a 56 in a 35 and a week later I got a 66 in a 35 on the same street. Ik I sound like a dumb-a$$ for getting a speeding ticket one week later on the same street I already got one on. That’s not the point… He was able to reduce those to parking tickets. A year later I have 0 points on my license. If your wondering if this guy can do the job, you can bet on it. Clear straight forward communication throughout the whole time. It’s better to spend money on an attorney rather than spending even more money on insurance.

5 Hadji via 

Would recommend to anybody! Has reasonable prices and was able to get my 2 point ticket to a moving violation.

5 Pavel Konovalov via

Mr. Arthur Pressman, Thank you for the qualified provision of legal assistance, impeccable knowledge of the legislation, for the excellent quality of the work performed, for the attention shown and correct attitude.

5 Babbette Ealy via

Mr. Pressman was very straightforward, which I can appreciate. He answered all of our questions and we received the outcome we had discussed and hoped for. I would diffently recommend him. My family would use him again but we hope to never be in this situation again. Thanks again.

5 Justin Vallenilla via

Best lawyer I’ve had. Knows his stuff, very professional. Get things done for hid clients.

5 Sunny Ali via

Mr Arthur pressman he is best lawyer he won my case 4 degree charges firearm weapon charges I give him 5 star rating he is the best and best.Thank you Mr Arthur you saved me God bless you.

5 Dave via

Great lawyer with good results!

5 Mohammad Siddiqullah via

Arthur Pressman is a good lawyer. He can fight the traffic tickets well. He explains things well before he starts the case. Mr Arthur Pressman fought a traffic ticket for me and won the case 85-90%. I did not have any point deducted on my driver license. I am giving him ***** for his sincere service. I recommend people to hire him and God willing, you will not regret.

5 Mandy Seiler via

Very professional and kept updates on everything that was or was not happening. Absolutely would refer him to anyone needing any assistance.

5 Danielle Brunke via

I travel frequently through Western New York and unfortunately I got a speeding ticket which could have put points on my license, and a pretty steep fine. I reached out to Arthur who was prompt, and put me at ease and explained the whole process to me in great detail. He was able to get it bumped down to a parking ticket without me having to go anywhere or do anything. Would recommend him to anyone who needs outstanding representation for any type of legal related issues in the Buffalo/Niagara/Rochester area. Thank you so much Arthur !

5 David via

5 Zak Abrams via

Mr. Pressman is a fantastic lawyer. From the first consultation he both put at ease, and informed me of everything my legal situation entailed. Through the process he answered all my concerns quickly and kept me up to date on everything that needed to be done. I am very grateful for the outcome. I will recommend him to my friends and family if they ever need representation.

5 Adrian Singleton via

I got cuffed for Child Endangerment back in March 2021 (I left my 3 year old son in the car by himself for no more than 15 minutes to grab some pullups for him). I had no idea I was breaking the law and I hired Arthur to represent me in this case. He helped me out a lot and we was able to strike a plea deal in which the charge will be dismissed after 6 months. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney for a first time offense. He charged me a fair price as well. Highly recommend.

5 David Yoon via

5 Edward Sarcione via

Arthur got me the best results for me in my case and was great to work with! Thank you

5 Tejas Redkar via

I got a speeding ticket which could have put 4 points on my DL, and not to mention the hefty fine. Arthur was able to get it bumped down to a parking ticket without me having to go anywhere or do anything. Would recommend to anyone who needs good representation, he has the experience, and knows what to do.

5 John C. Spain via

Arthur handled 2 very important traffic tickets for me in the past and I would recommend him to anybody seeking very good legal representation. 5 stars

5 Abiola Bhadmus via

A very good attorney with excellent service and cheap fee, was able to get my speeding ticket dismissed, all I had to do was take a defensive driving course.

5 Harman Singh via

He is very professional even for truck drivers.. if you got a ticket any where in NY state. He will take care of it.. he is the best..!!

5 Miserable38 via

Took care of my sons speeding ticket even though it was on the other side of the state and not an area they were familiar with. I was very pleased with the outcome.

5 Ara Rustowicz via

He handled my speeding ticket with ease. Great communication and results, call Arthur you will not be disappointed!

5 Kyle Poersch via

Great experience dealing with Mr. Pressman. Instructions were clear and Im thrilled with the results. Muchly appreciated.

5 Rafe Myers via

My case was handled effectively and efficiently with an extremely favorable result. I would absolutely use again if needed.

5 Charles Morgan via

Arthur Pressman is an excellent lawyer and very personable He is well influenced in several counties within New York State. He explains and walks you through

5 Mitchell Ford via

My experience once again with Mr. Pressman has been great. I had peace at mind once I hired him for his services and expertise. I highly recommend Arthur Pressman Attorney at Law for your Traffic and Criminal matters.

5 Stephani Copeland via

My husband and daughter were caught in a notorious speed trap in Western New York. Each was driving their own cars, and were following the flow of traffic behind tractor trailers. Coming over a hill my daughter was pulled over for speeding. My husband followed and although not pulled over by the NY State police, stopped to assist and wait for my daughter while she presented her license to the State Police. Long story short, both my daughter and my husband were ticked for speeding. We called a few attorneys in the Buffalo area, but Arthur was the only one who was very responsive, reasonable and easy to work with. Bottom line was that he was worth every cent we paid for his services. He took care of both tickets immediately and had them reduced to parking tickets, thus avoiding moving violations on their driving records and increased insurance payments. He managed to get this done despite the pandemic, was always available and answered immediately when called. He kept us up to date as our cases navigated the justice system and we took away our worries. Nice to be in the hands of a professional. He is an excellent lawyer and I would recommend him without hesitation. Excellent demeanor, very organized, straight forward, non-nonsense, and really knows his stuff.

5 Bari Elmaribi via

Fast response from Arthur. 5 star customer service!

5 Ken Trevena via

I like how you don’t lose a day’s work going to court and my driving record is too important to risk.

5 Anthony Ferris via

Mr. Pressman took care of my legal problems with quickness that I have never seen before in our legal system! Truly unbelievable, efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely will work hard for you. I liked his work so much I am hiring him again for another legal issue that has been plaguing me for several years. I have no doubt he will get the job done! I do not live in NYS, I never had to go to court and he resolved my issue. Well it is later! I hired Mr pressman for the sec legal issue. I had an old warrant seven years in fact. Mr Pressman represented me with personal concern and congratulated me on my efforts. We had a successful appearance, where I was sentenced to a completion of vet court program. Mr pressman handled my case with care and if your looking for the best representation in the Buffalo area, Mr pressman is the man you want! I appeared virtually for this matter and the outcome is better than I expected. No jail, matter resolved. Wahoo!

5 Ryan McQuillen via

I found Arthur through his great google reviews. I am glad I found him as Arthur underpromised and overdelivered. He took care of my whole traffic violation, I never even had to go into court. The outcome was better than expected and I ended up with no points on my license. Great choice, Highly recommend

5 Alex Padilla via

extremely nice, honest, and helpful

5 Nathan Sylvester via

Arthur Pressman is a miracle worker.

5 Dmitry Bronstein via

Very quick and professional help in my case, thank you Arthur!!!

5 Peter Rudolph via

Mr Pressman did a great job representing me in a traffic accident. He communicated well with me during the process. Would definitely use his services again.

5 Ali Mo via

5Corban Lamarche via

I live in PA and while I was driving through NY I got a ticket for 88 in a 55, on top of that I also got a ticket for my headlight being out. My fine was estimated to be around $1200-1300. According to NY speeding laws, this would have added 8 points to my license which would have resulted in me losing it for over a year. I also would have had to attend driving school. Arthur was able to negotiate it down to an “unlawful parking ticket” and no driving school. My fine is now only $350. I talked to a bigger firm and they were going to charge me $700, compared to Arthur’s price of only $350. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer for traffic violations.


If I could give 10 stars I would. I am new driver and we less than a year living in NY, about 3 months ago I were heading to a hospital and as people saying worse car accidents happened near home, that what happened to me. There were two other people who had been involved into accident but one who had been charged was me, even though other two didn’t follow basic rules (no one got hurt). Needless to say I am an immigrant and police officer didn’t even wanted to listen my explanation, he just look at my license plate which well wasn’t NY state, we moved just when Covid hit and didn’t have chance to change it, and charged me with traffic violation. That was the moment where I understood need find a lawyer to present me in court. I found Mr. Pressman in internet, he already had great reviews and respond immediately on my call. From there we were communicating through emails, its easy on me to text, I had lot going on top of accident. Mr. Pressman handled my case perfectly, and I were satisfied with court decision on it. Without him I am not sure I would be able to make it. Highly recommend his services, you wont regret!

5 J. C. via

Arthur Pressman was able to reduce my 41+ MPH speeding ticket down to 4 points which essentially saved my license and insurance. The legal fees were also very reasonable and I will 100% recommend to anyone with any traffic violations.

5 Maximus Lisk via

5 Ed Kraus via

Excellent legal representation

5 Superlenny555 via

I thought Arthur Pressman was a great Idea to use .He got me zero points on my license on a really nasty traffic ticket . Thank you Mr Pressman .

5 Greg O. via

Somewhat embarrassed to be writing a review due to a speeding ticket, but Mr Pressman deserves a good review. I got a speeding ticket, my first time getting pulled over in over 20 years of having a license, and from what I read online I was potentially going to get 4 points. The potential insurance increase lasting multiple years was more concerning to me than the fine, and having never dealt with a ticket and not knowing how to get it plead down I decided to hire Mr Pressman. His fee was reasonable and he kept me up to date along the way. Due to covid everything was done via email and making pdfs of the documents to sign. Side note, Office Lens is a great app to use on your phone to scan documents to pdf. He got it reduced to a parking ticket with no points.

5 Bklyn G. via

A.P nothing but professionalism and his work speaks for itself . Thank you

5Adam McAllister via

Could not have asked for better help with my situation. He personally responded immediately to my initial inquiry. Was clear and upfront about the entire process and what the realistic outcome would be. Made the entire process as simple and easy as possible. Good communication. Terrific results. Very fair price. Would use his services again and highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services. Thank you very much Arthur Pressman!

5 Marco H via

Arthur Pressman was very professional, experienced and knowledgeable about the law, specifically as it relates to DUI/DWI laws for first-time offenders and effectively building a case and navigating the system. He’s a well-connected counselor with an established, positive reputation with city courthouse officials and lawmen, which I feel enabled him to resolve my issue timely/painlessly while obtaining the most favorable outcome. Hiring Mr. Pressman to handle my situation was the best decision I could’ve made. Strongly recommend!

5 James white via

I received a traffic ticket on July 2, 2019. I contacted MR. Pressman explained my situation to him; I was told that I would not get points on my license and no drivers school. The fine would be up to the court. He had me send a copy of the ticket along with his payment, which can be done on line; you never have to go to court that’s all covered by him. I received no points, on my license and no driver’s school. The fine was only 100 dollars. I highly recommend his services.

5 Joyce Burgess via

Excellent Attorney!! His experience was invaluable in handling my son’s vehicle & traffic violations. Professional, prompt & on point. He expertly handled the case resulting in the best possible outcome in less than a week. If you want peace of mind, go with Arthur Pressman. Reasonable charges and worth every cent!

5 Russ L. via

I was driving from California to Maine when I was stopped for speeding outside of Buffalo. Turns out I hand an unpaid ticket from 2000.  So I was sited for speeding and un-licensed motorist(license was suspended in NY due to an unpaid fine). Was a shock to say the least.  I researched lawyers in the buffalo area, and called Mr. Pressman.  He handled everything with ease.  After digging, the unpaid tic from 2000 was an error from the town in which I was stopped.  So that was thrown out.  And the current speeding tic was basically reduced to a parking fine.  I never had to return to Buffalo.  Everything was handled remotely.  Beyond a positive experience working with Arthur.

5 Ann via

Worked a very long overnight nursing shift and was driving through a town notorious for speed traps. I missed the 40 mph, to 30 mph, to 20 mph–all which change in the space of 2 miles. This was my second speeding ticket within 6 months (Mr. Pressman was able to negotiate my first ticket as well–no points, no fine, no school). Immediately after the stop, I called Mr. Pressman, who assured me that he would do all he could to get the best possible outcome. Once again, with his skill and expertise, he was able to plea my speeding ticket (34 in a 20 zone) to a parking ticket with no points, no fine and no traffic school. Before calling him I was so discouraged with myself and the situation. If you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t think twice about calling Arthur Pressman. The fee he charges is very reasonable in light of the money/time/hassle involved in going to court, paying the fine, negotiating with the prosecutor to plea down sign up for driving school, paying for driving school, GOING to driving school (6 hours sometimes) and possibly still having a point or two on your license. He is very matter of fact about taking care of clients but don’t let that discourage you. He is all business. He will take your information, you may have to fax/mail documents and follow up to ensure that he has everything he needs to deal with your situation. Also be aware that he will probably not contact you until the matter is resolved, but don’t let this put you off. He WILL deal with the situation and likely–based on the mildness or severity of your legal matter–he WILL get you the best possible outcome.

5 Bklyn G.via

A.P nothing but professionalism and his work speaks for itself. Thank you.

5 Shawn G via

I got what I would consider to be a bad speed ticket on the 290 so I started looking for a good traffic ticket attorney. I chose Attorney Art Pressman and I am so glad I did. Attorney Pressman went to court for me. I didn’t even have to go to court! That saved me a ton of time and embarrassment and he got my speeding ticket reduced to a parking ticket! If you get a speeding ticket and you want some to take care of everything for you I suggest you call Art Pressman. He saved me a ton of time, money and aggravation!

5  Ktface 😛 via

I got a very large speeding ticket in west Seneca and knew i would have a better outcome if I hired a lawyer. After surfing google I decided on using Mr Arthur Pressman due to All of his great reviews. The process was so easy. I didn’t even have to take time off of work to attend court. He did it all for me for a very reasonable price. He answered all my questions and told me what to expect As far as consequences, but The final outcome was amazing and way better than we both expected. I am very happy with his services and will refer him to anyone I know that needs legal help. If you’re looking for a great lawyer look no further.

5 Carey Willard Ziehm via

He was excellent an new just how to handle my son an his court case

5 Tashique via

I am extremely satisfied with the service and highly recommend him for any speeding tickets. He was able to negotiate mine to a non-criminal traffic infraction without getting any point added to my license.

5 Scott C. via

Mr. Pressman helped me with a traffic citation in Western N.Y.  He was professional and communicative throughout his representation, and obtained a successful result for me.  I would use him again in similar circumstances, and that is the best recommendation I can give.

5  Saj San via

I had my first ever traffic ticket in 30 years of driving at Lewiston while returning home; i did not see the change in speed. I was not sure what the process was and the ticket given was daunting to say the least. I looked up and found Arthur; he called me in 1 hour and went through the steps. I took his services and had full confidence. In three weeks he called me with result that was truly satisfactory. Especially if you are from Canada, Arthur knows and understands the differences and concerns.
Thank you Arthur. I truly respect and appreciate your efforts.

5 Derrick Murschel via

Great lawyer. Helped me out a lot with the issues. Would recommend.

5 Joshua Brown via

Arthur went out of his way to meet with me the day following my arrest. He was easy to reach throughout to answer any questions, and the verdict he was able to reach with the court was best case scenario. I would highly recommend Arthur Pressman to anyone in need of a reliable law professional.

5 Chase via

I had several points on my license which ended up being suspended and I needed to go to college and work so I contact Mr. Pressman and he was extremely helpful with what the plans was to get my points reduced. He was always available when I had a question. Very professional and his follow up was detailed with a letter and any emails that I needed to make sure that I could get my driver’s license reinstated. Thank you Mr. Pressman!!!!

5 Andrea E via

Took care of everything as usual. Speeding ticket out of town reduced to stop sign violation

5  Jay Son via

Excellent lawyer. Was referred to him from a friend and I’m very pleased with the result. Only went to court 3 times and it was done. I never even stood kn front the judge except for 30 second sentencing lol. Excellent lawyer and good priced to.

5 Andy Briz via

Real deal

5 anonymous via

He was prompt, professional and did an exceptional job taking care of the problem he asked to deal with. He was a pleasure to work with and obviously skilled at his profession.

5 Just Sayin via

NY state tried to ruin my last day in NY. Looking for an exit missed the rapid downgrade in speed limit. Doing 66mph in what I thought was a 65mph. I was ticketed 21 over as it changed to a 45mph zone. Thanks to Arthur Pressman, got it reduced to a manageable ticket and not effect my driving record. Extremely professional and responsive. Not to mention $200 cheaper than what other attorneys wanted to charge. Strongly recommend!

5 Alan via

I got a speeding ticket in the town of Tonawanda. Because of existing points on my license I was hoping to reduce this to a 2 point violation. I hired Arthur Pressman and he was able to get the speeding charge reduced to a parking violation with zero points. The fine was much lower than I expected, and no driving school. Arthur Pressman saved the day. I highly recommend Arthur Pressman for any of your legal needs no matter how minor you think they may be. Don’t handle it yourself.

5 saini961 via

Mr. Pressman helped me with a delicate situation. I placed my trust in him and he did not let me down. His professionalism and calmness was invaluable. I highly recommend Mr. Pressman best in western newyork .Thank you again

5 Nikola Knezevic via

Arthur helped me with reducing a speeding ticket to a parking violation and no points on my CDL. Thanks

5 Norman, I via

Great representation resulting in no additional fines and no record.

5  NunYa via

Arthur got me out of a predicament that I put myself into with my big inappropriate mouth. While I didn’t get off without consequences I believe that everything that could have been done was done. I would recommend Mr. Pressman for most anything the average person would have, not just DUI or driving offenses.
A hardworking Honorable man who is an Attorney. Thank you again Arthur.

5 anonymous via

After receiving a speeding ticket in Tonawanda, I contacted Arthur Pressman.Being from out of town ,I didn’t know who to call. Mr. Pressman took on my case for an agreed upon fee and he delivered as promised. Very professional from the start and to resolution , Ticket was reduced to a parking violation with no points to my license.I would definitely refer Mr, Pressman to anyone with a traffic violation in western NY. -JC-

5 Selena Hagopian via

Mr.Pressman’s legal service was simply amazing! I am from Ontario studying at a university in the USA and received a 25mph over on the i290. I paid Arthur a super reasonable price and I ended up coming out with No demerit points and keeping a clean drivers abstract. He is the very best!

5 Thomas Cierzo via

Mr. Pressman handled everything with me himself. He was professional, responsive, and secured the best outcome I could have expected. Definitely recommended.

5 Linda via

After firing my first attorney I reached out to Arthur Pressman. He was kind educated and very well experienced. I trusted that he had my best interest in hand and immediately hired him. He handled my case quickly and did an excellent job with the results. I would highly recommend him for your needs.

5 Michele P. via

Mr. ‘Pressman handled my problem in a very professional and efficient manner. I would highly recommend his legal services.

5  Al T via

I was issued a ticket while traveling on the NYS Thruway. Googled lawyers in the area and selected Arthur due to the excellent reviews. I was not disappointed. Arthur communicated clearly and often. I was able to rest assured that everything was taken care of. Highly recommended!

5 Justin via

Arthur was extremely persistent in taking care of my case. He was very sensitive to my worries, and took care of every detail in the problems that I faced. He was not only hard working but very honest. thank you very much Arthur

5 Ed Kraus via

Splendid professional who gets results

5 Dipdchat via

Mr. Pressman was stellar right from the get-go on my traffic ticket case. I contacted him through his firm website, and he was very quick to call/text/email (all 3) within minutes. He explained all the details very clearly, was very patient with my questions, and provided all the answers. He achieved what a few other attorneys told me is hard to achieve. I am from out of state (not a NY driver), and the final outcome was a big relief for me. He has my highest recommendation.

5 anonymous via

Arthur Pressman completely took care of the stress involved with dealing with the speeding ticket. No court appearance, no traffic school. Extremely gracious and helpful!

5 Julia J. via

Arthur did a FANTASTIC job of helping me with my speeding ticket. I was visiting New York for the Western NY tough mudder when I was pulled over for speeding down a mountain going 15 over. Arthur was able to accommodate me from a whole different state. He was also able to get my 15 over speeding ticket down to just a parking ticket. I got off without getting any points on my license and with no driving school. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with legal trouble!

5  Javid Akbar via

I called for help and they were ready to support me with my issue. Told me what would likely happen and the final result was exact for my case. Their price is reasonable which was great. This is who i would return to for help and will let friends and others know.

5 Kathi via

I found and contacted him online
Communicated via email
Paid online
He negotiated on my behalf
He sent me instructions on how to pay the court.
Thank you!

5 Danielle Schiering via

Fast response from Arthur, got my speeding ticket reduced to a parking ticket, the office staff is friendly and overall, I would use them again for my needs 🙂

5 John Merva via

I was a nailed in a speed trap in West Seneca, NY on I90 just west of Buffalo in a Work Zone doing 63 in a 45. I was looking at a $200 fine doubled in a work zone with a $97 court fee not to mention on-going higher insurance rates. I contacted Arthur, who charged me $350 but had my charge reduced to Unlawful Parking, no points, $100 fine. He is the man to call if you get snared in one of the many speed traps in the area.

5 Saxon via

Arthur Pressman took care of my case in the most professional manor. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he’s also reliable, trustworthy and personable. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need.

5  Neal Jones via

Tickets suc. But getting more than one just kills my insurance rate. Especially when it’s my 18 year old getting them! Apparently officers don’t care if there is a delay in the mailing of that tail light you need to replace. So, pull you over for doing 6 miles over speed limit and tack on the taillight ticket. I never used a lawyer to fight a ticket. I really felt it was just a waste of money; until my insurance company sent out the rate hike.

Finding Mr. Pressman was great. He just needed a copy of the ticket ( and payment of course) and it was taken care of for me. I would much rather pay a fine then the wave of charges that comes with too many point on the license. Who voted for a ticket points assessment anyway!! $300 on top of the ticket…… was worth it in so many ways.

5 stars was an easy choice on this review. He deserves it!!!

5 SeongSoo, Park via

He was great. He always replies to e-mails very quickly. I do not have to pay for fees thank to him. I really appreciated for the efforts he made.

5  Shashi Kaithamana via

I would highly recommend Mr. Arthur for any Traffic /automobile related violations. I did not have to go physically to buffalo, Mr.Arthur did everything for me, and he negotiated such that I had no added points, nor fines which are quite heavy in NY.Excellent lawyer, did an excellent job in defending my traffic violation ticket in Niagara falls, Buffalo.

5 John W. Rosini via

Arthur is an outstanding attorney with a great response time. I had a last minute issue to deal with regarding a ticket. I emailed Arthur on a Sunday and he actually called me that day to discuss the issue! I ended up with an outstanding result when he went to court for me and I would not use anyone else.

5 Roger Schmelzer via

My daughter had two 20 mph over speeding tickets in the same week passing through two different towns in upstate New York. Arthur handled everything very professionally and got the results he anticipated and stated in our initial meeting. I would recommend Arthur to anyone with any traffic related violations that needs help in deciding their options. I hope to never have to use Arthur’s services again but if put in similar situations in the future, Arthur will be my first call.

5 Erin via

Arthur is a great lawyer and helped me with a ticket I received in Buffalo, NY going through a yellow light. He was very fast, efficient, and very professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

5 Andrew Crouth via

Great for traffic and speeding tickets, makes it easy for the client by handling all of the legwork. Reasonable pricing, Arthur got my 21 mph over ticket down to a no points parking violation! Highly recommended.

5 Analisa L. via

This was truly the best experience with a lawyer I have ever had! I was pulled over for driving 15 miles over the speed limit in a work zone, not my proudest moment. I knew that the reciprocations of my actions would entail driving school and double the points on my license. I called Arthur Pressman for assistance and he turned this very negative experience around for me. I didn’t even have to miss work to appear in court! Mr. Pressman appeared at court on my behalf and got the ticket dismissed. I did not have to pay a fine, I did not have to attend driving school and most importantly, I did not receive any points on my driver’s license. I would highly recommend reaching out to Arthur Pressman for any of your traffic violations!

5  Peter Kaczmarczyk via

Extremely intelligent guy

5 Ben via

I found myself for the first time ever in need of a criminal lawyer. After a short conversation with Arthur over the phone, I decided to hire him as my attorney; this was perhaps the best decision of my life as he was a life-saver. He was able to get my aggravated DWI charge reduced to a DWAI, a traffic violation in NYS. I cannot thank him enough. While I was waiting in the court room afterwards, several lawyers came up to me to let me know Arthur did a great job at trial.

5 Sharon Jacobs via

Mr. Pressman was professional and thorough. He communicated in a timely manner. I felt confident in his experience. He delivered in every aspect of this matter.

5 Md Rashid via

I received lane change violation ticket After googling lawyers, I found that Arthur had outstanding reviews. I went his office gave my ticket and he was able to get my ticket as parking ticket. Customer service was excellent when I phoned him he quickly reply.. I would recommend him as five stars……

5 Jody O. via

When it seemed like all hope was lost, a friend recommended Mr. Pressman, who was able to have all felony charges dismissed. While there are still some consequences, we are so thankful to have found Mr Pressman, who was a comfort to have on our side, completely accessible. He is very professional yet down to earth and treated us with kindness. I would gladly recommend him to anyone who needed legal representation.

5 Mark Ruhland via


5  Jaspreet Assi via

Very satisfied with his service, saved my points on my license.

5 Laehr Mistry via

Arthur is very professional and experienced. He explained the consequences and possible solutions. Whenever I had questions he replied back by email or phone. Response time was impressive.

5 Cale via

Arthur pressman did an outstanding job with my legal matters. He was very professional, easy to contact, and in the end came out with the best result I could ask for. I highly recommend him for any legal issues you may have.

5 Andre Mccray via

I would highly recommend Arthur Pressman. He was able to get my traffic violation reduced to a non-criminal traffic infraction resulting in no points on my license and no driving school. The fine I had to pay the court was also reduced. The process was quick and trouble free. Arthur communicated with me often and kept me in the loop. Give him a call!!!

5 mrs h via

I was facing criminal charges from dwi and Mr Pressman gave the D.A. a run for their money. I knew he had good reviews but to see him in action was amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a better defense and outcome

5 Abdulkadir Abdullahi via

He’s perfect attorney in WNY in genesee and chautauqua county plus Erie county.

5 Jasmine Perez via

Very satisfied with his service. He was totally professional and everything happened so quick. No point on my license and at such an affordable rate!

5 Bob via

I had previously recommended Mr. Pressman to a friend who was facing numerous and severe traffic violations, who had a prior conviction. The outcome was incredible and minimal, to what it could have been. I now found myself in need of his services. I had 2 charges I was facing and knew just who to call. I possess a CDL and my career was in jeopardy. The end result, both charges were dismissed, no fine, no school and no points. I’m extremely relieved to put this behind me. Thank You sooo much !

5 Alvin Batista via

I received a ticket heading back to the airport in Buffalo. The officer was nice enough to give me 2 tickets, speeding and failure to yield. I guess he was trying to pull me over stealthily because he didn’t use a siren. He then told me he had to cancel the other units responding because he was going to have me arrested! I contacted Arthur Pressman and he was able to resolve the tickets and points, and bring down the charges. I was very happy with their service and highly recommend!

5 Ankush Puri via

Hiring Mr. Pressman to handle my situation was the best decision I could’ve made. Highly recommend!

5  Rob Rowland via

Living out of state, Mr. Pressman was instrumental in helping me deal with a traffic violation when I could not make it back to NY to appear in court. For a reasonable fee he represented me in my absence and had my charge reduced. Thanks again Arthur!!

5 anonymous via

Arthur Pressman represented me long distance as I live in Florida and received my ticket in New York. He kept me informed of what was going on and clearly explained any steps taken. He managed to reduce my ticket to a parking ticket, no points, no classes. He was affordable and worth every penny. Do not hesitate to call this lawyer of you need legal assistance.

5 Saw Min Htike via

I tried to help my passenger to get to her work in time by driving a little faster in school zone. I got 2 speeding tickets and no signal ticket in North Tonawanda. It is my first ever ticket in ten years of driving.
After reading some reviews online, I decided to contact him. He represented me and he did the best job. I would recommend Arthur Pressman.
Thank You Arthur!!

5 Client Review via

Traffic Violations
Mr. Pressman was courteous, professional, and expedient in his handling of a traffic violation for my son who goes to school in Buffalo. I live on Long Island and had to handle our communication through phone calls and e-mail. Mr. Pressman responded promptly to any questions I had and delivered a positive result in our case. I would recommend Arthur Pressman for any legal needs and would not hesitate to call him if I ever needed legal representation in the future.

5 John Quigley via

A VERY professional attorney ,was very quick to answer my question and did a masterful job on my case
i will say to anyone looking for a traffic attorney that Arthus Pressman is the best !
he is the one to take care of you he does not pawn it off on anyonelse
he does the work and he is very effective Thank you Mr Pressman !

5 Matt K via

Very professional service! Answers in a timely manner and would answer any questions I had. Helped to reduce my ticket and avoid points entirely. Highly recommend Arthur!

5 Sammi via

I was caught in a severe jam by Border Patrol coming back into the US from Canada, having a quarter pound of marijuana on me. After much stress and many hours trying to figure out what the best option would be to follow, I found Arthur. He was excellent in relieving stress on my own side and since I do not live where I was arrested, he made the entire process so much easier for me by making it so that I did not need to be present for my court date. Even with a crime such as the one I had, Arthur created a result for me of a delayed dismissal- meaning 6 months from my court date all charges against me are dismissed and my records sealed. This was amazing due to the fact I am a conservatory student, not being able to miss school, and needing a clean record in order to receive the loans I need to continue my education. Arthur Pressman saved my life in this situation, and with everything done and over with now, I highly recommend him to anyone in need of assistance.

5  Nicolas Vecchiarelli via

Arthur Pressman, Esq. is as skilled as he is kind. He not only explains your options to you well, but makes sure that you get the results you need. I am more thankful that I chose Arthur Pressman over who the Bar Association referred me to. Hopefully, I will never need legal help again but if I do Arthur will be my attorney. If you are unsure of what your options/chances are in court, you should definitely contact Arthur.

5  Frank Harnos via

My son received a speeding ticket in Buffalo. Arthur Pressman was great. He represented my son and got the ticket reduced to a lesser fine. Thank You Arthur!!!

5 Paul via

Was issued a ticket for right on red during a time when it was prohibited. Totally my fault as there were signs posted stating times allowed/prohibited. Arthur told me exactly what I needed to do and what he would do and my fine was reduced to a non criminal traffic infraction and no points on my license. I was facing 2 points so this was money very well spent.

5 Sabrina Danilovich via

Incredible experience & highly recommend! I received a speeding ticket while visiting Buffalo, NY and knew I wouldn’t be in town to attend a court hearing. After googling lawyers, I found that Arthur had outstanding reviews. He not only returned my call in less than an hour, but also streamlined the entire process for me. He was able to get my large speeding ticket reduced – no points on my license and no driving school! He is an extraordinary lawyer in terms of his timeliness and professionalism. I would recommend him 1000x over!

5 Yuri Bejarano via

Fair price.. Does a good job at reduction of traffic violation points. Not the best tact on the phone but works efficiently.

5 anonymous via

Mr. Pressman represented me in a traffic charge. He reassured me and kept me informed about my case every step of the way. He even helped me when I wanted to pay my fine before I received the final paperwork. I highly recommend Mr. Pressman.

5 Danielle Ner via

Highly recommend! Mr. Pressman was able to help reduce my first speeding ticket to a traffic violation with no points on my license. Thank you

5  Daniel Zakis via

This is your guy if you have traffic trouble. After reading some reviews online and hearing radio ads he almost sounded too good to be true. He’s not. There’s a reason he has this sort of reputation online. He told me possibly 2 points and a fine for my infraction… instead; no points, no fine, no school, no court, and most of all no head aches. Best money I’ve ever spent in my entire life, hire the man!

5 J via

I’ve hired Mr. Pressman twice now, both regarding DWI arrests. The first time I hired him my BAC was .12, and he was able to get the DWI charge reduced to a noncriminal infraction on the same day of arraignment.

My second DWI arrest was less than a year later, and he was able to get this reduced as well, to a non criminal violation. For this offense my BAC was .14, the cut off for any plea bargain in Erie County is typically .12, and not usually even offered for a second offense; it takes a skillful attorney to be able to get such a reduction. Also, for this most recent case, all other traffic violations were dismissed, and only the minimum fine was imposed.

Mr. Pressman was able to effectively negotiate with the Asst. DA due to his obvious experience, the particulars of my case; which he was working on, and the relationships he has built with judges and attorneys in the Greater Buffalo area. My confidence in this attorney was greatly increased by the respect his colleagues have for him; while I was speaking to Arthur outside of the courtroom, another attorney came up to me, and put his hand on my shoulder and said, “You are in very capable hands, you have a great attorney here”. He had no reason to say this other than conveying the truth to a lucky client.

If I ever find myself in legal trouble again, Arthur Pressman is undoubtedly the first number I will call. I could have been sent to jail, but thanks to him I do not have a criminal record; no misdemeanors, no felonies, and a much clearer path for continued success in the future.

Don’t expect this attorney to hold your hand and tell you “everything is going to be okay” however. He is blunt about the possible outcomes of each line of defense available. Keep an open ear, and heed his advice; he knows what he is talking about. Personally, I prefer being kept informed rather than coddled.

If you are in or near the Buffalo, NY area, and you find yourself with a DWI arrest, or traffic tickets, I highly recommend this attorney.

5 Greetings via

Mr. Pressman delivered on his promise to reduce a moving violation with 2 points attached to a minor ticket with no points and no traffic school. No hidden fees, one reasonable fee up front, service delivered! Thanks

5  Robert Domzalski via

Amazing job! Didn’t even have to go to court. Would recommend for any legal needs.

5 Client Review via

Criminal Law

5 Pat Prior via

Easy to contact and talk to. He delivered as promised and I could not be happier with the results. Will refer him to my friends!

5 Vida Bashir via

I got great results. I received a speeding ticket in Warsaw NY, it was 20-25 miles above the speed limit. Mr.Pressman represented me and my charges dropped by completing one online driving class which takes 6 hours. I am Canadian I didn’t have USA phone number, it was challenging to find a course where I don’t have to call them after completing each chapter. I recommend highly Bestpricedrivingschools because if your outside of USA like me don’t have phone number straight to call them or sometimes it would just show busy. I chose Bestpricedrivingschools because you set up security questions in the beginning, throughout your chapters for verification you just enter security answers no need to call. I wasted 35$ registering with a company that couldn’t receive calls from outside USA. Other than that, the Attorney was honest, clear and great lawyer to trust to fight for you. I highly recommend him.

5 Leonid Chatkhan via

This Attorney is in a Super Heavy Weight Class! I was disputing a traffic ticket and the prosecutor was pushing me to accept the points. First I hired another firm – Trbovich and they took my money and sent a guy who didn’t even make a dent in my case and was trying to convince me to take the punishment. I said NO and adjourned. Then I got lucky to come across Arthur Pressman. In 5 minutes he came out and showed me the new verdict – Jay walking ticket with no points (!). I took my hat off and asked him “ How did you make this magic happen?”. I’m a heavy kicker – was his answer. And trully – he is!!!

5  Donny Degener via

5  Cody Simon via

Had my speeding ticket reduced with no points, the outcome I was looking for, thank you.

5 Margaret F via

Couldn’t be more pleased with Mr Pressman! He was prompt/ courteous on returning calls/emails and saved me 4 points on my license. Highly recommend!

5 Mary Rodriguez via

Arthur saved my partner from receiving a 6 point speeding ticket. Arthur was consistent and patient throughout the process. Arthur is extremely knowledgeable in this field and gets his job done quickly and professionally! I will definitely refer his services to my loved ones.

5 Anthony Simpkin via

I was 100% satisfied with Mr. Pressman’s representation and would highly recommend him to anybody seeking legal counsel.

5 Josh Moore via

Mr. Pressman was very professional, helpful, and promptly answered my phone calls and questions. He was able to get my speeding ticket reduced to a ticket for unlawful parking. If you’re looking for a lawyer near Buffalo, I highly recommend Mr. Pressman.

5 Arween Ismail via

Can not recommend Mr.Pressman enough! Absolute life saver, and legitimately cares about his clients. Saved me from a whirlwind of trouble and set me on the right path. Thank You Arthur!

5 Omar Albasha via

Arthur saved me from getting 6 points speeding ticket. He is highly knowledgeable in this field. He was patient and consistent throughout the process. Save yourself time dealing with the court things as it’s a headache. I highly recommend Arthur for this matter

5 Irene Reilly via

Extremely happy to have found and worked with Mr. Pressman. Requested consultation regarding a speeding ticket and heard back from him within an hour or so, which was remarkable given I had called during the holidays. He was able to reduce my speeding ticket to a parking ticket – no points on my record and a lower fine than expected. Many thanks to Arthur Pressman!

5 Emil Ferdman via

Being arrested and faced with a charge is one of the scariest moments in a person’s life, and a good lawyer is necessary to ensure peace of mind as well as a favorable result. Thankfully Mr. Pressman was professional, diligent, responsive, and effective in his work. I am forever grateful for his services, well worth the money!

5 Ara Rustowicz via

Great communication and results, call Arthur you will not be disappointed!

5 Connie Woroszylo via

Mr. Pressman did an amazing job representing me for my traffic violation. He was efficient, effective, professional, courteous, and pleasant. Mr. Pressman made what was a horrible, nerve wracking experience for me into a tolerable situation. He took all of the pressure off of my back with practically zero effort on my part. The entire process was accomplished with a few clicks of a mouse I paid for his fees on-line, scanned my information to him, and the rest is history! Without saying, I hope that I will not need Mr. Pressman’s services again however, should a traffic violation, auto accident or personal injury be in my future, I will not look further than Mr. Arthur L. Pressman, JD!

5 Fred Chen via

i was stopped for speeding and got a ticket. As a result, I began to search for a traffic lawyer and end up with Mr.Pressman by reading a lot of good reviews from google. Mr.Pressman was so professional and helpful. I never had to present in the court or was asked to do anything else. All I need to do was to provide the ticket information to him and he handled everything for me. Recently, I got a email and a call from him and saying the speeding ticket has been reduced to a parking ticket. All I want to say is this is a amazing lawyer and is my pleasure to work with you. Thank you!

5 Oleg Molo via

This man is a boss! Only had two phone calls with Arthur, our initial one in which he told me what kind of reduction he can get on my ticket and my final one in which he told me he got the reduction in which he initially promised. This man is no hastle and he means business. Also he is very quick to respond to any emails or concerns. All the 5 star reviews speak for themselves. You can count on Arthur Pressman to get the job done.

5 Moniruzzaman Bhuiyan via

Arthur Pressman, is a very reliable and responsible lawyer. Thank you so much for dismissing my case.

5 M. Dubei via

Mr. Pressman is very professional lawyer that I’ve ever worked with. I’m very satisfied with his job and very glad I found him when needed. Would recommend to everyone.

5 David Imhof via

Got a speeding ticket and called Mr. Pressman that day after reading the reviews. Best decision I ever made. Didn’t need to go to court, charges reduced to a parking violation with no points on my license, no driving school and only a parking violation fine. Keeping his info in my phone so I can refer him to anyone/everyone who needs him. he is very polite/professional, knowledgeable and reassuring. Got a ticket? Don’t wait, call now!

5 Mohammad Bilal  via

I got pulled over in the town of Dunkirk, NY, enroute to Toronto from North Carolina. It was a long drive and it was approximately around 10-11pm. I remember the highway was starting to go downhill a bit and I didn’t realize my speed. However the officer clocked me in at 102 on a 70 zone. I didn’t have to do much research to find out that Mr.Pressman was a great attorney to hire. He answered any questions or concerns I had, and believe me I had quite a few. Although the process may have taken a bit long, I know that it was strategic and wise everytime. I think everyone would say why would a speeding ticket take 6 months to resolve, well Mr.Pressman answered that question by getting the ENTIRE ticket dismissed in itself. NO court costs, NO points, NO anything. It was a pleasure an honor to have you as an attorney. Thank you for your service.

5 Client Review via

Criminal Law
Arthur Pressman represented me long distance as I live in Florida and received my ticket in New York. He kept me informed of what was going on and clearly explained any steps taken. He managed to reduce my ticket to a parking ticket, no points, no classes. He was affordable and worth every penny. Do not hesitate to call this lawyer if you need legal assistance

5 Jeremy Stoklosa via

wow!! mr. pressman called me back personally on a sunday to discuss my case. he reassured me i was in good hands not fully knowing the system in the united states being from canada. my case was handled promptly with no hidden fees or costs. i highly recommend mr. pressman, there is a a reason he is 5 stars and has over 200 reviews. thanks again!

5 Syed Ahmed via

Mr. Arthur is amazing lawyer and very responsible & friendly in dealing with client. I would 100% recommend him.

5 Mohamed Abdourhamane via

For all my Canadians drivers in need of a well respected attorney, please call Attorney Arthur. After having been stopped in the Town of Tonawanda (New-York) for a speeding infraction of 20 miles per hour over the posted limit in a school zone, Mr. Pressman was able to reduce the speeding infraction to a non -criminal traffic infraction (Unlawful Parking) with no demerit points on my license, no driving school and no fine. He is Honest, Trustworthy, Straight forward, Knowledgeable and always available for any questions I would definitely recommend Mr. Pressman to anyone looking for representation on any criminal, traffic, DWI, auto accident, personal injury, etc. case. He is well worth the minimal fee for his services and you won’t be disappointed at all He earned my respect so will anyone he will represent, I will assure you that.

A tous les conducteurs et conductrices canadiens ayant besoin d’un avocat respecté, veuillez appeler l’avocat Arthur. Après avoir été arrêté dans la ville de Tonawanda (New York) pour une infraction de vitesse supérieure à 20 milles à l’heure au-dessus de la limite affichée dans une zone scolaire, M. Pressman a pu réduire l’infraction de vitesse à une infraction non routière (Parking illégal) sans point d’inaptitude sur mon permis, ni école de conduite ni amende. Il est honnête, digne de confiance, direct, compétent et toujours disponible pour toutes questions. Je recommanderais sans aucun doute M. Pressman à tous ceux qui recherchent une représentation digne de ce nom dans des affaires pénales, de circulation, de conduite en état d’ivresse, d’accident de voiture, de blessure corporelle, etc. Il vaut bien les frais minimaux pour ses services et vous ne serez pas déçu du tout. Il a gagné mon respect, ainsi que tous ceux qu’il représentera, je vous l’assure.

5 Client Review via

Criminal Law
Driving home to Cleveland, shortly after crossing the Peace Bridge, I received a speeding ticket from the Buffalo PD. I called Arthur Pressman on a Sunday afternoon when I got home. He personally answered the phone and carefully listened to my situation. Mr. Pressman took the problem off my shoulders and successfully negotiated a dismissal. My advise: (1) Always drive safely (2) If you receive a ticket in the Buffalo area, call Arthur Pressman 716-462-6607

5 Kesha Hromenko via

Arthur saved me from receiving point and from jaywalking. Such a nice lawyer. I would recommend this lawyer to everyone.

5 Jamie Van Every via

Very detailed, was very satified, job well done. Would recommend him.

5 Tharshan K via

I was stopped by a Police Officer on the I190 just before the Lewiston Bridge where the speed very quickly and unexpectedly dropped to 35mph, it was a significant $1000+ ticket with a potential licence suspension in my home province of Ontario. Thankfully reading other Google reviews, Mr. Pressman represented me and negotiated a Parking Ticket with an insignificant fine. It is a privilege working with you, thank you!

5 Dale Wisniewski via

very responsive, thorough, accommodating, knowledgeable, understanding and quite reasonable. handled EVERYTHING for me, best results imaginable. ill never use anyone else with my legal needs

5 Client Review via

Criminal Law
Mr. Pressman helped me in getting my speeding ticket dismissed. Well over the speeding limit a very hefty number of points would have been added to my driving record, had I been convicted. Mr. Pressman for a reasonable fee, went to court on my behalf, and had my charges dismissed. I would definitely recommend the services of Mr. Pressman.

5 Peng Ding via

Professional Lawyer, fair price, nice service, quick response and great results. I would highly recommend Mr. Pressman to my friends if they need.

5 Naisha Irabi via

Mr. Pressman was so nice and quick about the whole matter. He was able to reduce a 6 point to only a single parking ticket! No driving school or anything! I’m so grateful! Thank you so much!

5 Client Review via

Criminal Law
Simply put if you want the best – look no further!

5 Bob Smith via

Arthur Pressman is an outstanding attorney. A situation occurred with my son in the Buffalo area while I was out of state on a weekend. I contacted Mr Pressman and immediately received a phone call back. Mr Pressman was able to take charge of the situation and helped us navigate the legal process successfully over a period of several months. His connections with the judge and the prosecutor were immensely helpful. Mr Pressman kept us well informed every step of the way, and was always up front and honest in his evaluations of the situation. He is a real lifesaver and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact him again or to recommend him to others.

5 Carmarie Flores via

Arthur Pressman is an amazing attorney! He was able to dismiss my ticket and no points on my license !! It was the first time I ever hired an attorney for a traffic violation and if I ever have another, I will certainly give him another call. Best money spent! His fee was very reasonable and he was very attentive to my case. I didn’t even have to go to court! Did I mention how amazing he is ?! Thank you so much Arthur.

5 James Lecksell via

Mr. Pressman was extremely prompt and professional and quickly returned my initial contact. He was able to handle my traffic infraction problem which, most importantly to me, avoided adding any points to my license. I would not hesitate to work with Mr. Pressman again in the future. James

5 kelly2126 via

Quick, simple and fair. Handled a speed ticket from Buffalo. Reduced fine, no points no hassle. Highly recommended.

5 Client Review via

Criminal Law
I was charged with 2 moving violations that could have resulted in incurring many points on my driving record. I retained Mr Pressman and without even having to appear in court, was handed a single parking ticket. Mr. Pressman is prompt, honest, and effective. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! Thank you Mr Pressman.

5 Dillon Chase via

Great price, great service. Called practically right after I put in a request. Knows the areas he works in well. Was confident he could get my charges reduced, and gave me a “Best and worst case scenario”. I think I ended up even better than the original best scenario. Highly recommended.

5 Louis Pina via

Absolutely fantastic service, and I’m glad Mr. Pressman was my representative. There’s no one better there to present your case and rights. Top notch service across the board.

5 Ketchup Lion via

Saved me a bunch of time and money. Great customer service.

5 Client Review via

Mr. Pressman handled my problem very expeditiously and was able to resolve it quickly. He kept me inform along the way which helped to quell my anxiety. I will certainly use him in the future.

5 Tara Lombardo via

I was completely satisfied with Mr. Pressman’s representation. He was able to negotiate favorable reductions. I was thoroughly impressed by his professionalism and quick response time. Thank you, Mr. Pressman!!!

5 J. Rich via

Hey there peoples of the world, my name is Menard and I want to thank Arthur Pressman for his great work and performance, if you ask me I think he’s the best lawyer in the state of New York!

5 Jeanette Martinez via

Arthur worked very quickly to dismiss my husband’s charges and spare him points on his license. He had a court date within hours of paying the fee, but most importantly his experienced representation put us at ease. His day in court was a piece of cake. Very happy with our decision. Thank you!

5 Client Review via

Arthur was able to negotiate no points for my traffic violation (violations adding up to 8 points). Very happy with the result.

5 SS Stern via

Highly recommend to use Arthur Pressman for your traffic violations. I’m from Ontario, which has reciprocity with NY State for sharing of traffic infractions such as speeding. I was stopped for doing 74 on the I-290 in a 55 zone. Mr. Pressman was very friendly and helpful over the phone, and negotiated a plea to a non-criminal traffic violation, with no points on my license.

5 Zoheb Currimbhoy via

We were involved in a traffic collision in Wales county on our way to New Jersey from Toronto. The truck driver ran the stop sign and due to the heavy snow it was impossible for our car to come to a complete stop. The police charged us with reckless driving! We immediately contacted Mr. Arthur and he handled the case superbly at Wales county court. His fees are reasonable and he was able to win the case which was a great ending to this dilemma. I would absolutely recommend him to any of our friends and relations! Thank you for all your work Mr. Arthur!

5 Jared Zab via

Arthur is a stand up guy and an excellent attorney! He was able to drop 6 tickets down to one for me and my previous record wasn’t the cleanest, he was also able to take care of it all in one court date!! I’ve had other attorneys where I had to go back 6 or 7 times one time I had to go back over 12 times… But Arthur got it reduced and dismissed in one court date… I have had Arthur as my attorney a couple times now and I highly highly recommend him for all your needs he is worth every penny!! Thanks Arthur!

5 Deb Bosler via

I left a message with Mr. Pressman online late at night regarding a situation with my son and an out-of-state traffic ticket. He called me personally the next morning. He investigated the situation and found that things were more serious than we had initially believed due to miscommunication between the different states. He was able to go to court for us the next morning and got everything handled with no fines or points and no need to attend driving school. My son’s license was reinstated immediately. He is truly the most professional and responsive individual I have worked with in a very long time. I highly recommend him!

5 Client Review via

Criminal Law
Arthur handled my DWI with professionalism and understanding. Great DWI Attorney.

5 Jeff Klosner via

Arthur Pressman did a great job of handling a speeding ticket I received as part of the Town of Amherst’s I-990 Work Zone ‘money grab’. He called me directly when I made my first inquiry and gave me detailed follow ups on his progress. I appreciate that he handles the case himself. His communication was excellent (even during non-business hours). I’d highly recommend Arthur for any legal needs and the ease of doing business with his firm is an additional value. His excellent ratings and reviews are for good reason.

5 Zulkar Nine via

Very nice representation. Didn’t need to go court. I had three infractions, he reduced those to one parking ticket. Highly recommend him.

5 James Stickney via

I have hired Mr. Pressman twice so far. He is an amazing Attorney. Both times I hired him it was for speeding at least 15 mph over the speed limit. One of those times was in a work zone. Both times Mr. Pressman had it reduced to parking tickets with no points and no driving school and only 100 and 200 dollar fine. I cannot thank this man enough. Be smart and hire this man and he will save you time and money.

5 Mike Keeney via

I was making my annual trip back to Buffalo to watch a Bills game when I received a speeding ticket in Tonawanda (47 in a 35 mph). I have a Florida commercial license, so a 4 point ticket was not something I was looking forward to. I decided to google attorneys and found Mr. Pressman. Thank goodness I did! We spoke on the phone and I knew I had the right person for the job. In just a few minutes I faxed him my ticket and paid his fee online. Less then two weeks later ( before I was even due to respond to my ticket) he called me and said ” good news”. He was able to have ticket knocked down to a parking violation and had fine reduced to $0!! And yes his fee was more then the original cost of ticket, but I had no way of knowing what my insurance premiums may have jumped to, so it was well worth it. He was very friendly, efficient and clearly knows the court system in Buffalo. I hope I never need him again, but highly recommend him to anyone in my hometown !! Thanks Mr. Pressman I really appreciate your results.

5 Will V via

I reached out to Arthur Pressman on a speeding violation issue and he contacted me that evening provided me with information that made me feel I was in good hands. He responded to my inquiries in timely professional manner. He was able to obtain a favorable outcome for me. Working with him was a pleasant experience. I highly recommend Arthur Pressman to anyone who needs a attorney.

5 Kelly Reddington via

An absolute pro! Great communication, handled the business expeditiously, and reasonably priced.

5 Client Review via

Criminal Law
Arthur has handled all my traffic needs over the years and I’ve never received any points or driving school for any of my tickets.

5 Angie Ervay via

Quick response, quick result. Reasonable price for awesome service.

5 Tazim Chowdhury via

Arthur is 3 point moving violation was reduced to 80 dollar parking fine.i recommend him.

5 matt smith via

Mr. Pressman delivers. He is professional, experienced, thorough, and he communicates well. My son received a speeding ticket in the Buffalo area, going 25 miles over the limit. He was looking at six points on his license and a significant increase in insurance. Since we live five hours away from Buffalo, it was going to be difficult returning to the area for court. Also, there was too much at stake, and we needed someone with the know-how to resolve this case favorably. After doing some research I contacted Mr. Pressman. He didn’t promise the world, but he was clear and confident about what we could expect. His experience was evident and I immediately felt comfortable hiring him. The case took three weeks to resolve, but the outcome was even more favorable than we ever anticipated. No points, and a non-moving violation with a very manageable fine. I highly recommend Mr. Pressman. Total professional.

5 Abby Mathew via

I had gotten a speeding ticket for going probably 20 miles over the speed limit and having an expired registration. I was expected to go to court (could have easily become a 3 point offense or more), but contacted Mr. Pressman to see if anything could be done. He sorted out everything for me, and contacted me as soon as any news about it came in. I didn’t have to go to court or anything! He got it reduced to a parking ticket and no points on my license. I highly recommend his services 🙂 !

5 Joseph Gagliano via

I especially appreciate the diligent communication and quick response Arthur provides in addition to the successful outcome he obtained for us. It is well worth seeking a trusted professional such as Arthur. Trying to manage the process on your own can be frustrating. Arthur eliminates or significantly reduces the time and transportation you would have to invest in court correspondence and appearances while significantly improving your chances in obtaining a favorable court decision.

5 Justin Amadori via

I highly recommend Mr. Pressman. I live in NC and received a speeding award on my way back from my Grandfathers funeral. Arthur was able to take care of everything and my ticket was reduced to a parking violation. Thank you for your prompt and professional service.

5 Dave Tiftikjian via

He’s the best in the biz.

5 Stealthrn I via

From Calif & while visiting WNY family got a “passed red light” ticket in West Seneca, NY. Arthur Pressman was the 1st of 3 attys I emailed or called & the only to respond (and in 15 min). Explained easily what could be done and the cost in time and money. Paid his retainer online via PayPal (easy done). I had NO court appearance & matter was resolved after the court date with a VERY VERY cheap parking ticket violation. The guy knows his stuff and is a professional when it comes to taking over matters. I thank him for getting this off my plate when I didn’t have time or patience to deal with it.

5 Paul Baginski via

Counselor Pressman was so helpful in my situation, which involved the police officer simply not being correct in their observations. In spite of many who assured me that the case would be hopeless, and “It’s your word against the officer’s”, Counselor Pressman took my case and ended up getting it dismissed. Wonderfully professional – a pleasure to work with!

5 Jerry Kong via

I had an excellent experience with Mr. Pressman. He and his office took care of business quickly and efficiently. Very professional. I felt that the fee was well worth it given my busy schedule. Mr. Pressman cares about his clients. Highly recommended. Thank you very much!

5 Ellie Diez via

Mr. Pressman was great to work with. He accomplished a better outcome than I had expected and gave me updates whenever he received them. Would highly recommend!

5 Kamran Khan via

I got my first ever speeding ticket in the city of Tonawanda, NY for over-speeding: driving 56mph in 30mph zone. I was travelling back from Washington DC to Toronto. The ticket didn’t have a amount listed but just had a date to show up in Tonawanda city court. It could have been 6 points violation and $400+ fine. After searching online I read all good reviews about Mr. Pressman and thought to hire his services. Sent him email, he responded with a phone call, professionally explained the scenario and process. I paid him for his services through Paypal conveniently through a link on his website. He advised that it could take couple of months. To my surprise he called me after exactly two weeks and gave me the good news that the ticket has been reduced to a single parking ticket. Not sure how he did that, but hats off to Mr. Pressman for quick turnaround. Would definitely recommend him to others.

5 Delwar Chowdhury via

I think Arthur is the best lawyer in Buffalo. He always deserve 5 star review. He helped me to resolved my traffic violations case and his service charge is very lower than others. Thanks a lot Arthur.

5 Steve via

Arthur was professional and very responsive to all of my questions. He was able to get my ticket reduced to a parking ticket without any points, driving school or court appearances. I highly recommend Arthur if you have received any sort of ticket. He is well worth his fee.

5 Zach Meyer via

I got a traffic ticket and Mr. Pressman was able to resolve it with only a fine. No points on my license and no classes to attend. I am very glad I was able to hire Mr. Pressman to take care of this for me.

5 Seerangan Rajendran via

He is simply amazing. Very timely response and you can reach him any time to clarify question ..

5 M L via

I am really satisfied with the service of Mr. Arthur Pressman. Strongly recommended! I got a speeding ticket on I-90, Mr. Pressman worked it from speeding to Parking violation, and I just paid $50, no point and no driving school. Thank you for Mr. Arthur Pressman’s effort. I will recommend him to every one!

5 Brendan Plotke via

Amazing representation! Didn’t have to worry about a thing.

5 Ken via

I recently gave Mr. Pressman a try and could not have been more pleased with the result. All contact was with him personally. He was clear, concise, on the ball, and a pleasure to deal with. My expectations were exceeded in all regards and I would not hesitate to use his services again in the future.

5 Stunt Flyer via

Mr. Pressman was professional, to the point, and expedient in handling my matter. Above all, I found him to be responsive; a quality I find lacking with many attorneys. While I am not keen to grapple with future legal matters, I would confidently hire Mr. Pressman again. He secured the desired result and delivered exactly what he said he would! One cannot ask for much more.

5 A Steinbrenner via

Very pleased with the results from Arthur Pressman! He definitely delivers!! I’m from the Chicago area and was caught speeding in Lancaster NY, 16 over the posted speed limit. Arthur Pressman represented me and was able to reduce the violation to a parking ticket, no points, and $100 fine! Strongly recommend his firm if you’re in a similar bind!

5 Carey Willard via

Great guy!! I would recommend to friends an family if they need.

5 Dimitri Daniel via

Mr. Pressman was very professional and upfront with me. I told him I have got caught driving with a suspended license and Told me what he can do and promised me that he would not stop working on my case until the best possible plea was assessed. Very reasonable with the pricing for what I was facing. I ended up with a parking ticket and no points on my license. For positive results go with Attorney Pressman !

5 Cassandra Hoebbel via

Because I travel by car so frequently, I inevitably, occasionally get myself into some trouble 🙁 Arthur Pressman”s fee pays for itself in terms of lost time, convenience, fine and point reduction. Everything can be handled effortlessly and electronically. Of course, my first recommendation is to stay out of trouble, but if you make a mistake, I highly recommend Arthur to handle the headaches.

5 Joseph Phister via

Very professionial, fair price and great results. Would highly recommend him to any friend or family member.

5 grant goldpenny via

Very easy to get representation. Very professional. I have dealt with other lawyers concerning other traffic infractions and Arthur has been the best I have dealt with. He got my speeding ticket reduced to just a fine with no court appearance or class being necessary from myself. He also offers discount for college students, like myself, as well. I recommend Arthur as a lawyer.

5 Analisa LaDuca via

This was truly the best experience with a lawyer I have ever had! I was pulled over for driving 15 miles over the speed limit in a work zone, not my proudest moment. I knew that the reciprocations of my actions would entail driving school and double the points on my license. I called Arthur Pressman for assistance and he turned this very negative experience around for me. I didn’t even have to miss work to appear in court! Mr. Pressman appeared at court on my behalf and got the ticket dismissed. I did not have to pay a fine, I did not have to attend driving school and most importantly, I did not receive any points on my driver’s license. I would highly recommend reaching out to Arthur Pressman for any of your traffic violations!

5 Daniel Kowalik via

Allowing Arthur Pressman to handle my offense has been stress free and easy. This is the man to go to when receiving a ticket. Thank you Mr. Pressman!

5 Elsia Yoo via

Excellent experience. This was my first speeding ticket ever and Mr. Pressman was not only very prompt and professional in his communications but also took the time to answer my questions. I highly recommend his services.

5 Athena Doyle via

I received a traffic violation for going 25 miles over while going through Buffalo which would have been 6 points. Mr. Pressman was able to get it reduced to a parking ticket- no points, no driving school and I never even had to go to court. His fees were reasonable and worth every penny. I would highly recommend Mr. Pressman.

5 Scott Brazee via

Fast. Courteous. Professional. I have used Arthur twice for traffic violations and couldn’t be happier won’t the results. Arthur saves you the time and hassle of going to the courtroom. He is very easy to reach, stays in communication, and takes care of any charges swiftly and efficiently. I would not recommend anyone but Arthur for any type of traffic violation. Simply the best.

5 Joe Tanyi via

I received a speeding ticket for 15 mph over the speed limit. Debated to pay at first but didn’t know how much my car insurance would go up. Contacted Mr. Pressman and I was impressed with him through the whole process. He kept me informed and within a couple of months had the speeding ticket reduced to a parking fine with no points, drivers ed., and no insurance problems. Thanks Mr. Pressman for a job well done..

5 John Lavelle via

Excellent experience from start to finish. Arthur got the best result I could have hoped for. I strongly preferred paying a local business over paying expensive town fines and state surcharges.

5 Courteney Rice via

Had a great experience with Attorney Pressman. He answered his phone every time I called, was honest and reassuring, and handled my case quickly. When I retained him he was confident that he would be able to get my charged dropped entirely and that’s exactly what happened. His experience clearly speaks for itself. Highly recommend.

5 Red Aviator via

No gimmicks, straight forward. Pay the legal fee , receive representation in court, positive outcome, no points, nothing on record, no driving school.

5 Veera Darpan via

Mr. Pressman is the best attorney, very professional and delivers what he says. I would highly recommend his services. During Niagara trip I received traffic violation with 4 points in Work zone. Mr. Pressman cleared the points and dismissed the case with a Parking ticket. He is the best!!!!

5 J L via

During the initial consultation, he told me how he would approach my case and what I could expect if he represented me. He was responsive to my concerns and always communicated with me in a timely fashion. He gave me the outcome he said he would. I was grateful for his assistance and would highly recommend him.

5 Chris Perkoskie via

he was very helpful & i didn’t have to take any time off work or show up in court .That was the best part .I’d recommend Arthur Pressman to anyone having traffic law problems . Thanks again Mr. Pressman.

5 Samir Desai via

Mr Pressman was very professional and upfront with me He is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what he has to do. He got me the best possible outcome for my case. Glad I made the decision to go with Mr pressman and no one else.Very professional service.I highly recommend.

5 Jamisyn Huckle via

I was extremely impressed with the way Mr. Pressman conducted himself in and out of the court room during my case. He gave me the personal attention I felt that I deserved and needed during a tough time. He also clearly had the respect of his colleagues inside of the court room. With Mr. Pressman’s efforts I was able to obtain the best case scenario for my unfortunate situation. I would recommend Mr. Pressman’s services to anyone who has found themselves in a position where they might need an attorney.

5 Emily Spain via

I acquired a ticket for a speeding violation while driving through West Seneca. After reaching out to multiple lawyers to represent me, I found that Arthur Pressman seemed to be the most competent and confident. I was not disappointed. He was incredibly helpful, telling me what I needed to know and handling everything else on his own. I was impressed that, when necessary, he personally contacted me. He is a likable, intelligent, successful lawyer who really came to my rescue. He managed to reduce my ticket to a parking violation. I’m so glad I chose him to represent me. Hopefully, I won’t need to use his services again. But if I’m ever in a similar situation, he will be the first person I get in touch with. I highly recommend him to anyone.

5 Gunther Z via

Extremely capable and very talented; he was very willing to walk my father through the details of his court case, and also helped to guide him in making sure that the case went well. I’d highly recommend him if you need an attorney in the Buffalo area!

5 Glenn 3 via

Immediately after contacting Arthur Pressman I knew I had made the right decision. His confidence in his ability to assist me put my mind right at ease. He was professional and answered all of my questions. Plus the ability to pay and transmit documents using the phone made the process extremely easy. I would absolutely contact Mr. Pressman again with any future traffic infractions I may have. Thank you once again.

5 Jon Michael Matias via

Arthur was great!! He was able to assist me with a traffic violation. He took care of it all directly with the court and kept me informed through the process. I will definitely recommend him to friends and use him in the future.

5 CPA Smith via

Great communication. Was very happy with the results. Would recommend him to anyone. Kathryn D.

5 Nyla R via

Hired Mr. Pressman for a speeding ticket my father received while traveling through NY (we are Canadian). Very happy with his services and patience with all of our questions! Our speeding ticket was reduced to a parking ticket. Would retain his service in the future (but hopefully won’t have to).

5 jackie barczak via

After the unfortunate event of receiving my first speeding ticket, in a work zone no less, I contacted Mr. Pressman because I was quite concerned and did not know where to begin. I was unaware that the area I was driving in was a work zone. There was minimal signage and it was late at night while no men or lights or equipment were present. After receiving the ticket I had researched the consequences of speeding in a work zone to find that it cost generally about $300-400 in fines while also increasing my insurance and points towards my license. At this point I was terrified, I had a perfect driving record thus far so I never had to attend traffic court previously and now I was facing a huge charge and serious consequences. Mr. Pressman could not have done a better job at easing my fears. From the day I contacted Mr. Pressman to be my representation the stress seemed to dwindle. He not only made the entire process extremely easy, including minimal paperwork and a brief conservation, he also exempt my presence from court so I did not have to miss work and also got my charges reduced to parking violations with a fine, no insurance increase and no points toward my license. What a relief! I was very fortunate to reach out to Mr. Pressman and could not be more pleased with the results. I would highly recommend his service to anyone in need!

5 Michael Smith via

Where to start? My girlfriend had some misdemeanor charges for driving while suspended in the 3rd degree. She told me about them 2 days before court, I called a friend who highly recommended Mr. Pressman and not only did he personally call me back within 2 minutes of speaking with his staff, but he was willing to take the case on short notice for what I initially thought was a high price, but once I saw what he could do and did do for her and I, I think I owe him some more money. The man not only personally met with us before court but took us by the hand every step of the way and got our charges and moving violations (numerous) reduced to parking tickets, we paid them and we were on our way. If that wasn’t good enough, we had another court date for the same day in a different court, and just because he was going there anyways, he offered to take the case and represent us in that court also for free. I cant believe he was such a savior. Thank you Arthur!!!! I am thankful for your professionalism and experience. Not to mention a great personality on top of it all. I would mention how much I paid, but I think I got a great deal and your services are worth more than I paid. Thanks again!!!!!!

5 Belinda Baltar via

Working with Mr Pressman was wonderful! He helped my daughter with a ticket she received in Buffalo at the University. We live down south and we didn’t know any lawyers we could have called. After doing research online I found all the great recommendations he has received. So we called him. From the beginning he was so helpful putting are mind at ease for us parents since we are not from New York. He always kept us and my daughter in the loop of the process until we went to court. He was able to get her ticket reduced with no points. We would recommend him to anyone who needs a real professional lawyer in New York.

5 Eve Traetto via

I am a Canadian resident who recently got a speeding ticket while in Buffalo and Arthur did an amazing job for me. He managed to get the ticket reduced to a parking fine with no points. Extremely happy. Easy to work with. I would highly recommend!!

5 Yisroel Lazerson via

Arthur was great! When I reached out to him he got back in touch with me right away. He is very easy to get a hold of and works very professionally. He took care of my case immediately and got me great results!

5 Ibrahim Soliman via

Was professional, available, straightforward and courteous. Took care of my speeding ticket with no points. I heard the court does not reduce speeding tickets twice within 18 months and I could not afford a spike in my insurance. I had one 2 weeks before. I think ended up faxing ticket to him the same day of the court date(or the day before) and he dealt with it.

5 Ricky Singh via

I had gotten a traffic infarction for failing to stop at a stop sign. I hired Mr. Pressman after searching him online and looking at his reviews. Called him up, and he was very nice and professional. He made my anxiety go away and also answered all my emails promptly. So I decided to hire him and I am very happy that I did. He got me good results and I am very satisfied with his service. Everytime I emailed him, he would respond immediately. He always mentioned to me not to “stress” and that the matter will be taken care of. That is the kind of person you need as your lawyer, someone you can trust and count on. I strongly recommend that you hire Mr. Pressman as your lawyer if you have a traffic violation. Thank you Mr. Pressman, for helping me out.

5 Sales Dept via

I recommend Arthur Pressman very highly. He gets results and treats all clients equally important. Excellent representation, greatest result possible. A competent down to earth great guy. If your in trouble -this is the Guy.

5 Joe P via

Arthur has been extremely helpful in multiple traffic violation situations. He is extremely attentive, responsive and delivers results. I strongly endorse him if you need legal representation.

5 Matt Territo via

I was very impressed with Mr. Pressman’s work. He managed to reduce my speeding ticket to a parking ticket which saved me from driving school, a large fine, and losing points on my license. He took care of all the paperwork and court appearances, all I had to do is sign my name. He explained everything to me, and was available to answer any questions I had. He was very efficient with his work and I was very fortunate to have him represent me. If you get a traffic ticket, Mr. Pressman is the attorney to call.

5 Yevheniy Leshchynskyy via

Best lawyer I have ever dealt with. He knows exactly what he has to do and does not waste your money or time. I highly recommend Mr. Pressman!!!

5 Andrea Smith via

I am writing this review so anyone who needs a lawyer knows they can trust Arthur Pressman to do an amazing job. He knows the system and knows how to take care of whatever situation you may find yourself in. He treated my situation with kindness and respect and I could not have imagined what would have happened if I did not have him as my lawyer. His expertise got me the results I needed. I would recommend him to anyone.

5 Sam Bronshvayg via

Arthur very professional,courteous and very reliable attorney. He helped me to resolve my situation very quickly and I didn’t even have to go to the court. I will highly recommend him.

5 Michael Head via

Attorney Pressman produced an extraordinary (unexpectedly good) outcome for my family dealing with a traffic citation. He is professional and highly competent. He really lowered the anxiety level in my house. I highly recommend his services. We would certainly use him again if needed.

5 Jinkwang Kim via

My Best Lawyer. He really helped my case. I got a high speed ticket on the highway 3 months ago. After his several negotiation with prosecutor and judge, he gave me a letter, in which I was just fined only for non-criminal traffic infraction (unlawful parking) without any points, without any driving school. What I did was just calling his phone, sending my documents through e-mail and paying fee by Pay-Pal. If I wrote my speed number here, many people could not believed this result. He made a miracle for me! During my case, he was not talkative, but trustworthy. I really appreciated Mr. Pressman so much.

5 John R via

Arthur is an outstanding attorney with a great response time. I had a last minute issue to deal with regarding a ticket. I emailed Arthur on a Sunday and he actually called me that day to discuss the issue! I ended up with an outstanding result when he went to court for me and I would not use anyone else

5 Richard Diamond via

I can not express in words the high level of customer service, courtesy, attentive to my needs and personal service that I received from Mr. Pressman and his firm. I live out of state and when I received a speeding ticket while traveling through Buffalo, I was hoping that an attorney could assist me. I could only rely on the internet and I contacted four Buffalo attorneys who claimed that they specialize in motor vehicle traffic incidents. Three of those attorney’s offices had a minimal conversation with me and assured me that they could take care of me and spent most of the conversation on how I should send them money. I then contacted Arthur Pressman’s office. Mr. Pressman spoke with me and spent a good amount of time discussing the details about my ticket and the particulars. He was very honest when he told me how difficult it is to win a case in Buffalo but that it was possible, he made absolutely no promises. The other attorneys gave me incorrect information that relates to other counties other than Buffalo. Mr. Pressman made me feel that I was in good hands and I decided to use his services. He gave me his cellphone number and email address if I needed to contact him. He responded to every email almost immediately and answered his phone personally the two times that I called. He always listened to my questions and kept me up to date during all aspects of my case. Regardless of the outcome of the case, my review would be no different. I did receive a call from Mr. Pressman and was amazed to find out that he was able to have my ticket dismissed. I was absolutely amazed and thrilled with his results. If anyone should need an Attorney in the area that Arthur Pressman covers, it will be the best decision that one could make. He is a first class Attorney that delivers first class service.

5 Kimberly Parks via

I highly recommend Arthur L. Pressman! I had been taking my son to work early in the morning, not completely awake I was unaware I was speeding while passing through an area near to a school zone in Depew. I would have received a speeding ticket which would have resulted in 4 points added to my license. I was impressed that as soon as I called and spoke to him directly and he immediately explained how he could help me. He successfully negotiated a speeding ticket down to traffic fraction with no points added to my license and no driving school necessary. Of course this was a very upsetting experience and as soon as I spoke to him he put me at ease. I appreciated that any time I had a question he would get back to me immediately. The fee and small fine I ended up paying was very reasonable compared to the alternative!! Thank you Mr. Pressman.

5 John Zahner via

Arthur will take the time to hear your case and do everything possible to attain a favorable outcome for his clients. He created a solid plan for my defense and executed that plan to perfection. I highly recommend Arthur to anyone seeking representation for an auto related offense.

5 Ashlynd Cox via

I honestly cannot thank Mr. Pressman enough. Hands down the best attorney I have ever experienced. I received two criminal violations for driving without a licences in two different towns. Arthur L. Pressman did an amazing job Not only did I face a year in jail, I faced losing my licences for a very long time if not for good. I made the phone call two days before my court date. I heard back from him with-in minutes. He was early to court and had all charges in BOTH towns dropped o parking ticks with were in total $500 in fees. My licenses was reinstated the next day. I even caught his peer complimenting him on how well he did. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal advise.

5 amey schwartz via

I had a fantastic experience using Arthur. He was always readily available for me, spoke confidently and delivered on his word. Arthur was able to reduce my ticket to 0 points! I recommend Arthur to anyone in need of an attorney.

5 Philip Knowlton via

I hired Mr. Pressman to represent me for several traffic violations all incurred on the same day. Without his representation I would have most likely had my licence suspended. After hiring him I didn’t even have to appear in court, and he got all of the violations dismissed/reduced to a single parking ticket (with no points on my licence, and no driving school) and a $100 fine. He was very professional and his services were worth every penny.

5 Barbara Reuter via

I hired Arthur Pressman to represent my son, who was a student at UB for some traffic tickets. I was so pleased with the results that Mr. Pressman got for my son. I have hired other attorneys in the past and still ended up getting points and high fines. Mr. Pressman managed to get no points on my son’s records and in one case NO FINE, and another case very low fine. I highly recommend him to anyone who gets a traffic violation, it’s money well spent

5 MJ Kook via

Very professional and his schedule is very flexible for meetings. When I had questions he would give me honest answers as well as what my possible outcome would be. If you are a student and are in trouble, I strongly recommend calling Mr. Pressman and ask for his help.

5 Saxon Weil via

Arthur Pressman took care of my case in the most professional manor. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he’s also reliable, trustworthy and personable. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need.

5 Kenneth Chung via

Handled my speeding ticket without any issues. No worries on my part and I just waited to hear that it has been “taken care” of which was reduced down to a parking violation. Great job.

5 John G via

Mr. Pressman was very personable, extremely efficient, and resourceful. Highly recommended!

5 Mitchell Ford via

Ive recently WON a lengthy case with Attorney at law, Mr. Arthur L. Pressman. The nature of my case dealt with ( Assault in the 1st Degree with intent to cause bodily injury/ from a weapon and Harassment) I was facing up to a year in jail. With Mr. Pressman’s hard work and integrity to get the best verdict out of the case, I felt comfortable and developed some peace of mind afterward. This case went on for nearly a year. ALL charges were dropped and I was free to move on with my life. If you want peace of mind and someone to seriously work on your case with real experience, I recommend Arthur L. Pressman.

5 buffalobrewer via

Mr. Pressman was a true professional and handled my case w pure tenacity. The outcome was much better than I anticipated and I would absolutely recommend him if you find yourself in a precarious situation. If your need the best then call Mr. Pressman.

5 Killian Voigt via

Mr. Pressman was able to meet me about five hours before I had to be in court. He was able to get most of the charges dismissed and I only paid a small fine. He was easy to speak with and understood the charges filed against me well.

5 W Tang via

I am a Canadian resident who received a speeding ticket for 19mph over in Buffalo and landed at the notorious TVB; no plea bargains here. I stumbled across Mr. Pressman’s website and gave him a call. He was very considerate and professional and was able to get the ticket dismissed completely! He represented me in court so I did not have to drive back across the border. From all the positive reviews and my own personal experience, I would highly recommend Mr. Pressman’s services for any traffic tickets in the Buffalo area!!

5 JJ Hughes via

Arthur Pressman did an outstanding job representing me in traffic court after I received a speeding ticket on the I-990. Would highly recommend!

5 Steven Wolf via

I highly recommend his services. I had two serious traffic violations, he represented me in court and the outcome was outstanding. Couldn’t be happier well worth the money.

5 David L. Kelday via

I represent a trucking company out of the Toronto area. Recently we had need of Mr. Pressman’s legal expertise in the Buffalo area. The result was more than we could have expected – saved us points and thousands of $. I would highly recommend Mr. Pressman to any trucking company or individual who finds themselves in need of legal representation in the upper New York state area.

5 Ashwin Chati via

I would highly recommend his service.

5 Saif Rahman via

He is the most straightforward lawyer I’ve ever seen. Tell’s you what you need to know and works with you to help you. Got a moving violation dropped and no points added. He is the definite choice.

5 Nick M via

Mr Pressman did a fantastic job. I received a speeding ticket near Buffalo and Arthur got my ticket reduced to a Parking Infraction. I did not lose any points and I did not have to attend traffic school. Thank you Arthur. You made my summer!

5 Nimalan Vipulananda via

I am very happy with the results that Arthur Pressman had achieved. I had a nonmoving violation that I had forgot to pay and this had escalated into a license suspension as a result. Arthur Pressman had the entire issue reduced to a parking ticket. Arthur really worked with me and gave me excellent advice. This is not the first time that I have needed Arthur Pressman’s services, I had a speeding ticket two years ago which Arthur also reduced to a parking ticket with no points against my license.

5 Darin john via

He’s very knowledgeable and professional. Well worth the money! Really helped me out!

5 Darren Enkin via

Great Lawyer. Helped me out of a speeding ticket and got it reduced to parking ticket! Highly recommend him.

5 Abraham Mohmmad via

If you are ever in need of a lawyer for traffic violations Arthur Pressman is your guy. I recently had Arthur represent me for a traffic violation that could have got me 6 points on my license !! Arthur was able to dismiss that ticket to a minor parking violation. Arthur is not just very experienced and great at what he does, he is also a very kind person and very easy to deal with and will explain to you the entire process and answer any questions you have with no issues. Do yourself a favor if you ever need a lawyer for traffic violations call Arthur. And of course most important thing for alot of people is price !!! Arthur fees is well below the average of what other lawyers charge. You will not go wrong with Arthur Pressman !!!

5 Uzair M via

Glad I made the decision to go with Arthur. Service was great, got my points and charges in half. Well worth it. Very professional sevice. Thanks!

5 Shawn Nicholson via

My experience with Mr. Pressman was exceptional. He is a true professional. My charge was dismissed in court. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs an attorney who is as eloquent and elegant as there is.

5 bob white via

PERFECT representation in a DWI arrest. I assure you there is no reason to shop around. Pressman will take care of you. Thank you Arthur

5 Kyle h via

Had an unfortunate incident after the St. Patty’s day parade. Was speeding, had marijuana in the car and blew a .13. Needless to say I was very worried about my upcoming proceedings. All of that worry went away when I spoke with Mr. Pressman. He was very upfront about everything and laid every scenario on the table. It helped that I had no priors–but I ended up with a DWAI and everything else went away. This is the best possible outcome that I could have imagined. Thank you for all of your help and reassurance along the way!

5 Bryan Weber via

I can not be more satisfied with Mr. Pressman’s results/service. Any questions I had he was able to answer in person, or via text. I had 12 traffic infractions, from an original speeding ticket of 22 mph over the posted speed limit. As well as an additional unclassified misdemeanor. Points totaling to 36. Anyone who knows this officer knows they don’t mess around, and you should know you are not getting out of anything. Mr. Pressman was able to keep my license in addition reduce everything to just one non-criminal traffic infraction (No Turn Signal) with 4 points and the minimum payment without the need to attend a defensive driving school. I knew I made a good choice when he was able to tell me what he was able to negotiate before I went into the court room. On an additional note, there was over a dozen lawyer in the court room, we were first to see the judge. I can not thank you enough Mr. Pressman.

5 Raymond Stoklosa via

I had Mr. Pressman represent me and my auto repair shop at a NYS DMV Safety & Business hearing. He was efficient and professional. The resulting decision was, in my opinion, the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend Mr. Pressman to anyone in need of legal assistance in matters of this nature.

5 Nawal abd via

Thanks very much sir. We appreciate for your representing . First time I found myself in a hard situation. Them Arthur made a good way for my ticket. I recommend 100% Arthur Pressman.

5 Dana Brown via

Personally deals with you, no talking to secretaries, partners, or paralegals, you deal directly with him. Communicates with you throughout the entire process. Excellent job, excellent results, and a good price.

5 Syed Iftikhar via

I had a speeding ticket going 84 in 65 and Mr. Pressman got it reduced it to non-moving violation. I would highly recommend him. Even though my ticket was in Chautaqua County, he went there and took care of the ticket. So, even if you don’t have the ticket in Buffalo, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mr. Pressman. Also, Mr. Pressman is always available to answer your questions.

5 Kathryn Dentice via

I highly recommend Arthur’s representation for any future legal needs that myself, my family or friends may come across. With only experiencing this once, I was quite impressed with the outcome and I very satisifed with his work. Thank you again Arthur!

5 John Grizzard via

Thank you for taking the stress and burden off of me #blessed

5 Jason Wright via

I received several traffic tickets worth 6-9 points on my license and a hefty sum of money. He got them all reduced to a single, 0-point violation with a significantly smaller cost. If I ever need legal representation again for traffic court – I will definitely be calling him.

5 Nancy Martinez via

Mr. Pressman was able to get my bench warrant thrown out and he also got my ticket reduced to a non-criminal traffic infraction (unlawful parking). I don’t live in the Buffalo area anymore so he represented me in court and he was a huge help. I would recommend him.

5 John Fernandez via

Coming from Detroit driving to a hockey tournament in Rochester New York I was stopped for a traffic violation by a New York state trooper. Despite my best efforts to convince him otherwise, the State trooper apologized and issued a potentially very costly ticket/citation. Upon my return to Detroit I searched for a good Buffalo, NY area lawyer and Attorney Arthur Pressman’s name kept popping up. I’m glad it did…. I hired Attorney Arthur Pressman to represent me and he told me not to worry, he would handle everything. He did. He handled everything VERY WELL and for lack of better words, he made my little problem “go away”. I am a practicing Michigan Attorney so with experience I can say Attorney Arthur Pressman was courteous, competent, timely and helpful. I am glad I chose him to represent me…..

5 Robert Kearney via

Arthur handled my traffic ticket expeditiously and with great results. He was very professional and provide great guidance. I highly recommend using Arthur.

5 Evan Volmrich via

Mr. Pressman completed all of the necessary steps for my traffic violation, I didn’t have to do any of the tedious steps associated with traffic tickets. He successfully reduced my speeding violation to a parking ticket and no points nor driving school. I would recommend Arthur to anyone with traffic tickets or other legal matters, especially those that cannot make it to court hearings.

5 Terence Davies via


5 tim hunter via

This was not the first time I used Mr. Pressman as an Attorney and it would NOT be the last. I have to say his expertise and knowledge have helped me considerably both times and his ability to have my situations cleared up without interrupting my daily activities was MOST beneficial. Thanks again Mr. Pressman.

5 Asha Jones via

5 james lovitt via

Received a minor traffic citation while traveling through Buffalo, hired Mr. Pressman to represent me in Court, he was able to negotiate it to a lesser charge, keeping this from becoming a moving violation on my otherwise spotless driving record. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again if the need be.

5 Garrett Genovese via

Arthur made the process of dealing with my speeding ticket completely painless, didn’t even have to go to court. I highly recommend reaching out to Arthur for all your needs.

5 munroproducts via

I was 100% in the wrong and will pay better attention to the signs from now on, for sure… …68 in a 45 work zone Reduced to two parking tickets, zero points- BOOM!! Thanks Arthur Pressman

5 Leah Hooper via

arthur pressman did a great job with my speeding ticket. He was able to get no points on my license and no traffic school… my man

5 Austin Harig via

Worked very hard to attain a favorable outcome for me in a case that took many appearances and lots of delays. His cost remained the same despite the prolonged case and it now is being dropped entirely and the record sealed thanks to Mr.Pressman’s hard work

5 Katie Esposito via

Arthur is very professional, courteous and prompt. He helped resolve my situation very quickly. I would definitely recommend him to others!

5 Shad A via

I received my first speeding ticket in the State of NY and it was a hefty 25 miles over the limit. I called a few traffic lawyers and wasn’t impressed until I spoke with Arthur. He knew all the details of my traffic ticket including the officers full name without me even mentioning it. I sent him my payment and within a couple of months I got off with a parking ticket and no fine. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!

Shad Toronto ON

5 Timothy Marks via

Was very prompt, very easy to communicate with, and got great results. Would heartily recommend to anyone seeking a traffic attorney.

5 Glen Kendall via

I highly recommend Arthur to anyone who is need of his services. He is a true professional and delivered a result that exceeded my expectations.

5 Kirk Carter via

5 Kevin Brush via

I was overly impressed with the effortless communication process I received from Arthur Pressman’s website. I was pleasantly greeted with a live person around (01:00am) while simply searching the internet for a (traffic violations) lawyer.

Upon speaking with a live customer support analyst, all of my information was recorded over Arthur Pressman’s embedded instant messaging application within his website. I promptly received a phone call from Arthur Pressman the following morning around (09:00am) to follow up with the early morning conversation I had with his analyst.

Having the ability to pay Arthur Pressman via Paypal and handle all of my legal documentation via email was extremely convenient. This convenience was very important to me while traveling on the road and not having the ability to sign documentation at noted locations.

I highly recommend using Arthur Pressman for any traffic violations you may incur from driving around Western New York. Arthur’s experience and professionalism in and out of the court room substantially increases your chances at getting a reduction or dismissal.

5 Michael Shrago via

Significant speeding ticket reduced to a fine with no points and no driving school. Great work

5 Kurt Crasto via

He did an excellent job reducing my ticket from 400 with demerit points down to 100. Would recommend.

5 Anthony Petruzzi via

Had 4 tickets, was going to get about 16 points but it was reduced to 0 points and a fine. Very pleased with Mr. Pressman’s service!

5 Ashley Masterpol via

Quick, Easy and very fast getting me the best possible outcome with year old tickets while I had moved back home. Fantastic Service !

5 Sean G via

5 Giang Nguyen via

Dear Mr Arthur L Pressman I am very happy when i cotacted you Professional services and promptly anwers any requests. I was 65/80 and inspection expire same time in last pure over. But he take care this case very easy I would like to recommend with all my friend, family and my clients also Just call Arthur L Pressman and you will very happy

5 Mike Klepp via

5 William Tiftickjian via

My case involved a life threatening accident that left me in a concussed state of confusion. I left the scene of the accident for my own health and safety. Arthur L. Pressman successfully fought for my case and won. The charge was dropped for a minimal price. I am grateful for my health and safety today but also the service of Arthur L. Pressman as my lawyer.

5 Zachary Ostroff via

Mr. Pressman was one of the most professional and punctual lawyers I have dealt with.

5 Octavio Gomez via

5 Shawn Michael Cantie via

Mr Pressman was able to negotiate a speeding ticket down to a parking violation with ZERO points, NO traffic school and minimum fine. I couldn’t be happier with his services. I give him the strongest recommendation possible.

5 ian smith via

I had three different charges and he managed to get them lowered to just one charge of disorderly conduct for a minimum price too. Very satisfied with Arther Pressman’s work he’s the best attorney in buffalo!

5 Alexandru Maran via

Excellent lawyer. Did amazing work. Highly recommend!

5 Branden McCoy via

I highly recommend him to any who has legal issues

5 Robert Byers via

5 Kevin Eckam via

Mr Pressman was very thoughtful and put my mind at ease during my recent court case. Professional and knowledgeable i highly recommend his services.

5 Michelle Lichtenthal via

Five stars: Professional, Confident, Knowledgeable, Accessible, Personable. Arthur Pressman….truly is your ticket to justice.

5 Amgad Arafa via

Such A Great Lawyer, he is so experienced, helped me with a speeding ticket i got while i was visiting buffalo, i thought i will never get it dismissed, since a police captain was the one who wrote me up, after following me for more than 5 miles, witnessing me doing speeds over 80, but fortunately he clocked me doing 58 mph over 45, which means 4 points on the license, but Arthur got it reduced to a parking ticket with no points. he also charges reasonable prices, i definitely recommend him to anyone.

5 Yachen Liao via

Mr. Arthur Pressman is awesome !!! He reduced my 26mph over a 55mph-speed-zone to a traffic ticket with no points on my plate. Mr. Pressman also gave me $50 student discount for his service, and his service is great!!! Definitely go for Mr. Arthur Pressman, if you ever have a traffic violation ticket or speeding ticket, because you will absolutely satisfied with his results !!! Thank you so much !!! -UB Student, Yachen Liao

5 adnan Shamas via

Had my ticket reduce to non criminal traffic infraction. Provided best service ever!!

5 Becca Anderson via

I was involved in a pretty serious traffic accident and I was facing 9 points on my license. Mr. Pressman was not only super helpful and friendly, but I ended up with zero points, and a parking ticket. I couldn’t think him more for the work he did for me. Highly recommend!!

5 Chuck D via

I was very impressed with Mr. Pressman’s work.I am extremely satisfied with the results.Highly recommend!

5 Michael DePasquale via

Only had to pay the minimum fine. Thanks Arthur!

5 Robyn Palmer via

5 Rich Santarsiero via

Arthur took care of a violation for our company and it was done quickly and professionally.

5 Bob Dyy via

I got CDL. He helped me a lot!

5 Jeffrey Cronos via

Highly Recommended!! Got a speeding ticket in Buffalo for the notorious TVB which everyone warns to avoid at all costs. I had gotten a ticket going 77 mph in a 55 mph on the I-190 S. At first I thought I was sunk from the get-go. I spoke to several lawyers whom were very uncertain and very vague in their experiences with the TVB, and then I found Arthur Pressman. He assured me he does this all the time, and He was recommended to me by a UB Law Professor. Sure enough when my court date came I didn’t even have to go, regardless of what their (DMV) letter said, and best of all IT WAS DISMISSED!!!. THANKS ARTHUR!!!

5 Nicole LaVere via

Mr. Pressman is by far the best attorney in all of WNY! He far exceeded my expectations of my case. I am so grateful for his services and never would have been so lucky without him. Through his experiance he got my underage DUI dissmissed with no consequences other than a simple parking ticket. He always answerd every question with care. Mr Pressman really put effort into making me feel better and telling me he would do his best because I am one to stress out easily. I highly recommend Mr.Pressman!!!!Thank you again!!

5 arvind thirumurthy via

5 sharon bhanu via

Really helpful and got it done better than expected

5 mark lee via

Hi my name is mark I had a A misdeameanor (up to a year) and a seatbelt ticket ( 85 $ fine). in cheektowaga court. and it was for having pain killers on me which the cop found. on top it was in cheektowaga which is 2nd worse only to amherst. and try to give everyone drug court. Mind you i have a terrible record to boot especially the past 3 years incl getting kicked out of drug court and doing 9 months in jail just to get out and get in trouble again. And the cops had me dead to rights they had the pills they found plus me on recording (which they have recorders in t here cars now) saying i tried to eat them all but i couldnt. lol so safe to say i expected drug court or jail time plus the fine. Nope ! arthur got me out scott free not even the seat belt fine or it even being put on my record. iwas def impressed. after i watch a judge give a girl w a B misdeanor 20 days and a 250 fine and she was a first timer sitting there crying. she should of got arthur and i recommend him highly especially if u get caught w drugs in the suburbs cause drug court is a trap

5 Alicia Woodworth via

Art really helped me! He was kind and compassionate and quickly resolved my issue!

5 Ryan Davey via

Quickly, efficiently and successfully dealt with my traffic issue.

5 Pasha Probiv via

Great results, and that’s the only thing you need when seeking legal assistance

5 Craig Van Tine via

Got a speeding ticket reduced to a $50 Parking ticket with no points! Great Job Arthur!

5 Hunter K via

Arthur is an amazing attorney and really cares about the people he is helping. I would recommend him to anyone with any sort of legal trouble.

5 Elie Onokoko via

I was very satisfied with his representation and the results and I highly recommend Arthur Pressman.

5 NYC KING via

My son is a dental student at UB , every time i contacted Arthur for a moving violations my son Received he took care of them easily and cheap with no POINTS i always keep his cell in my phone book , you never know what can happen when there away and i know i can depend on him 24/7 thank you

5 G P via

Did exactly what he said he’d do. No points, no fine, no tickets, nothing on the record.

5 Rachael Hughes via

Highly recommend him for any Speeding Tickets! He got mine reduced to a non-criminal traffic infraction.

5 Hana Kim via

Prompt, courteous and effective. Highly recommended.

5 Ron Rosenthal via

Arthur was great to work with:)

5 adam dikeman via

I got a speeding ticket going 15 over in Tonawanda, called Arthur the next day and within 15 minutes we had all the paper work taken care of. I did not have to attend court, Arthur called me after court and let me know that I received no fine, no parking ticket, no school, no points. I will be going to Arthur for everything I need from now on.

5 J F97 via

Had a domestic violence case, called him with short notice he got up too speed with the case quickly and successfully got my case dismissed in court and my record sealed

5 Thomas Pane via

Highly recommended

5 pat territo via

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