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Extensive experience defending clients against criminal charges in Buffalo, NY

We have built a reputation for integrity and for our extensive knowledge and aggressive defense tactics in handling criminal defense matters. We work hard to try to achieve positive results in each case. When you are facing a serious criminal charge, put your trust in Buffalo criminal defense attorney Arthur L. Pressman to handle your case aggressively. We have been providing strong criminal defense in Buffalo, Amherst, and throughout Western New York for more than 30 years.

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Effective representation against any type of criminal charges

Over the years, Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney Pressman has effectively handled thousands of criminal cases in the Buffalo area, including:

  • DUI/DWI: If you have been charged with a DUI (driving under the influence)/DWI (driving while intoxicated) in the Buffalo area, it is essential to contact an experienced Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney to act on your behalf immediately to protect your rights.
  • Drug crimes: Not all drug charges result in the same penalties in New York. Having the right Criminal Defense Attorney can be the difference between a minimum sentence or years in prison.
  • Domestic violence: Domestic violence cases frequently involve false allegations. Charges often arise in emotionally wrought situations and can have a devastating cascading effect on your family and future.
  • Fraud: Fraud can be difficult to prosecute in New York. Prosecutors must establish intent of the accused to defraud others. Rely on a savvy Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney who has extensive experience working with prosecutors to prepare your defense.
  • Theft: If you are accused of crimes that involve stealing, such as shoplifting, petty larceny, grand larceny, burglary, robbery, criminal possession of stolen property, forgery or fraud, Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney Pressman provides stellar defense.
  • Violent crimes: Violent crimes in New York have some of the most severe punishments in the country. Violent crimes include assault, robbery, gun and weapon possession, rape, murder, kidnapping, burglary, harassment, intimidating a witness, unlawful imprisonment and aggravated harassment.

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Consequences of Criminal Charges

In the United States, crimes are categorized three different ways:

  • Infractions
  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies

Infractions are minor charges and are rarely used except in juvenile cases or non-moving violations. Misdemeanors are less serious than felonies but still carry fines and the potential for jail. Felonies are very serious offenses that are usually punished with jail time and fines.  It is important to have an knowledgeable Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney in your court.

People often underestimate the impact of having even a misdemeanor on their record. The reality is that any type of crime can go on your permanent record and can surface in the future and be used in future employment evaluations.

Our Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney is committed to providing personal attention to every client. Being accused of a crime can put a significant amount of stress on you and your family. Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney Pressman is committed to handling your case aggressively to defend your rights.

When good people find themselves in tough situations

Timing is important to defend you in the most positive way and to prepare a solid criminal defense. If you or a family member is in need of an experienced attorney who is familiar with criminal defense laws in NY state, contact experienced Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney Arthur L. Pressman at (716) 517-4250 or online. For your convenience, our office is on the subway line, and we offer a free initial phone consultation seven days a week.

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