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Serious drug crimes are considered felonies in New York

New York has historically been known for some of the toughest drug laws in the United States. Most offenses involving controlled substances are felonies. They carry huge fines and most often are accompanied by long prison sentences. Whether you have been charged with possession or a more serious offense, you need the experience of Buffalo drug crime lawyer Arthur L. Pressman. Buffalo drug crime lawyer Pressman has handled drug crime cases for clients in Amherst, Clarence, Tonawanda and throughout New York for more than 30 years. Buffalo drug crime lawyer Pressman ensures personal attention to each and every client and aggressively pursue their case.

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What constitutes a drug crime?

Drug crimes include but are not limited to:

  • Sale
  • Distribution
  • Manufacture
  • Possession

What is the difference between possession, possession with intent to distribute and distribution?

The penalties for drug possession vary drastically depending on the type of drug found on your person. In the state of New York, first-time possession of 25 grams or less of marijuana doesn’t carry much consequence ― a citation and a $100 fine. Cocaine, on the other hand, carries a much stiffer penalty. Even if you are only found to be in possession of a very small amount, penalties can be several months to 15 years in prison and fines can be up to $500,000.  It is extremely important to have a Buffalo drug crime lawyer on your side.

Possession with intent to distribute may be determined based on the amount of drugs found on your person. The quantity required to increase the charge from simple possession to possession with intent to distribute varies between the drugs found and their weight. Penalties for this offense are very serious.

Individuals are usually charged with distribution if they are caught with a larger quantity of drugs than would warrant a possession charge, but not enough to necessitate a drug trafficking charge. The heavier the drug, the steeper the penalty. And for a significant amount, an individual can face years behind bars.  Buffalo drug crime lawyer Pressman is experienced with large quantity drug arrests and can help you.

Defending your rights when charged with a drug crime

What rights do you have if you are falsely accused? What if drugs are found in your vehicle or on your property which do not belong to you? Our Buffalo drug crime lawyer can answer these and other questions and provide the strong legal representation required when faced with a drug charge. Experienced Buffalo drug crime lawyer Arthur L. Pressman has more than 30 years of criminal law experience and has defended many clients accused of drug crimes, including possession of:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Speed
  • Ecstasy
  • PCP
  • Crystal meth
  • Crack
  • Prescription drugs

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Charged with a drug crime? Rely on us to prepare your defense and protect your freedom. Contact Buffalo drug crime lawyer Arthur L. Pressman, Attorney at Law at (716) 517-4250 or online. For your convenience, our office is on the subway line. Our Buffalo drug crime lawyer offers a free initial phone consultation seven days a week.

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“Being arrested and faced with a charge is one of the scariest moments in a person’s life, and a good lawyer is necessary to ensure peace of mind as well as a favorable result. Thankfully Mr. Pressman was professional, diligent, responsive, and effective in his work. I am forever grateful for his services.”
– Emil Ferdman

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