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3 Questions About Construction Accident Cases

3 Questions About Construction Accident CasesIn this article, we will provide an overview of 3 questions about construction accident cases commonly asked by our clients. This includes:

  • Should I give a recorded statement about my construction accident injury?
  • What mistakes should I avoid during my construction accident case?
  • How long will my construction accident case take?

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Should I Give a Recorded Statement About My Construction Accident Injury?

Clients who have been injured on construction sites often contact us about insurance companies requesting recorded statements. Under no circumstance should our clients provide a written or recorded statement to an insurance company.

The insurance companies have specially trained adjusters who will elicit information that is beneficial to their insured or insurance company, but not necessarily to my client. Their goal is to minimize the amount of monies paid out on any claim.

What Mistakes Should I Avoid During My Construction Accident Case?

There are several things people should do when they are injured on a commercial construction site. Number one, they need to report it immediately to their supervisor or their construction site manager. Second, seek medical treatment right away. Third, they need to follow up on their treatment once it’s been diagnosed. And finally, they should avoid giving a recorded statement to the insurance company.

How Long Will a Settlement Take?

We talked to a client seriously injured on a construction site. He wanted to know how long it would take to resolve his case. We told him there’s a number of things we have to assess in determining how quickly we can settle his case.

Number one, what kind of injury did he suffer, and how long will it take for him to recover? What is his long-term prognosis for recovery? The timing of a case also depends on the insurance that the negligent party has. Insurance companies who represent construction site owners are supposed to negotiate with us in good faith to try and quickly settle your claim. Oftentimes, however, insurance companies do not negotiate in good faith and cause a major delay in settling your claim. Also, we may have to go to trial to try and maximize a fair compensation for you.

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