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It is estimated that an average of 112,000 people receive a traffic ticket every day, but only five percent of those ticketed actually go to court to argue their case. If you have been ticketed, it is important to hire a New York attorney who concentrates on favorably resolving speeding ticket cases.

Consequences of a New York traffic ticket conviction

Even the best drivers are issued traffic tickets from time to time. Before pleading guilty and paying the fine, it is important to consider the consequences of speeding ticket conviction in the state of New York:

  1. A speeding ticket conviction may cause significant increases to your auto insurance rates.
  2. Depending on your violation, a speeding ticket can add three to 11 points to your driving record.
  3. Fines and penalties can total hundreds of dollars.
  4. Additional charges from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, called the driver responsibility assessment.
  5. Jail time for certain speeding tickets.

An accumulation of three speeding tickets or two tickets that total 11 points on your DMV record may lead to a driver’s license suspension.

Hiring an attorney saves you more than money

Some people will consider hiring an attorney after a speeding ticket, but decide against it because they think that it will not be cost-effective. Note that a New York attorney resolving speeding tickets can provide you with the following benefits:

  1. Decreased fines by negotiating a reduced charge before trial
  2. Negotiation with the assistant district attorney that could result in fewer points on your driver’s license
  3. Entering into a plea agreement that may lower your insurance premiums
  4. Saved time by achieving a resolution without the need to appear in court

An experienced New York speeding ticket attorney has a relationship with many of the prosecutors and assistant district attorneys throughout the state. These relationships enhance an attorney’s ability to reach a favorable settlement.

Serving the Buffalo area

If you have been issued a speeding ticket, it is important to consult Arthur L. Pressman, Attorney at Law, as soon as possible. Having already handled more than 40,000 traffic and criminal cases, we have the experience needed to achieve a favorable resolution to your speeding ticket. Contact his Buffalo office today for a free consultation.

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