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Costly Traffic Violations

Do you need an attorney to help with costly traffic violations? If you do, please contact experienced Buffalo traffic ticket lawyer Arthur Pressman today for a free consultation. He will aggressively defend your rights in court, fighting to get your charges reduced or dropped altogether. Here is what you need to know.

Costly Traffic Violations | Hire an Experienced Attorney

At the office of Arthur L. Pressman, Attorney at Law, we have more than 30 years of experience understanding Buffalo traffic tickets and being familiar with your rights as they pertain to New York traffic laws. We provide personal attention and are always prepared to answer questions about your case. Wherever you may have received your ticket in New York, our firm thoroughly prepares for your case and aggressively defends your rights in traffic court and across the negotiating table.

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Costly Traffic Violations | Penalties

Traffic penalties cost more these days than just the cost of the ticket. According to a recent analysis by, a reckless driving charge boosts insurance premiums by 22 percent on average, for example, while driving without a license adds 18 percent. And higher rates can stay in place for as many as seven years. The average premium increase due to a reckless driving charge is $550 per year. Potential costs over seven years can equal $3,850. This alone should give you reason to fight a traffic penalty charge before just paying it. Hiring an experienced Buffalo traffic tickets attorney, such as Arthur L. Pressman, can save you money.

Costly Traffic Violations | Speeding Tickets

Below is the list of New York speeding ticket points that can be added to your license:

  • 1–10 miles per hour (mph) over the speed limit: 3 points
  • 11–20 mph over the speed limit: 4 points
  • 21–30 mph over the speed limit: 6 points
  • 40+ mph over the speed limit: 11 points

Note that if you exceed 11 points on your license, it is then suspended. Traffic penalties can cause many problems and, if not addressed by an experienced New York traffic attorney, can lead to criminal charges.

If you need help dealing with your costly traffic violations, contact our Buffalo office today to arrange a free consultation. Let us be your ticket to justice.

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