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Harassment Charges in New York

Harassment Charges in New YorkHarassment charges in New York—like all domestic violence charges—can have an extreme negative impact on your future. If you have been accused or arrested for harassment, you will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court and make sure your rights are protected. Contact Arthur Pressman today to schedule a free consultation and find out how our office can help create a strong defense strategy.

Harassment Charges in New York | Legal Definition

Harassment is charged if a person intentionally harasses another person by following that person in or around a public place or by engaging in a course of conduct that places the person in reasonable fear for physical injury. It can also include threatening or alarming another person, communicating with the other person by telephone or communicating with the other person in a manner that is likely to cause annoyance or alarm, making phone calls without a legitimate purpose or striking, shoving or kicking someone.

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Harassment Charges in New York | Penalties

In New York, the maximum penalty for harassment is imprisonment for up to four years. However, this varies by the degree of harassment one is found guilty of. For example, second-degree harassment is defined as applying physical force or engaging in conduct that is intended to alarm another person. The maximum punishment for this crime is 15 days in jail. However, first-degree harassment is a Class B misdemeanor, in which the defendant’s conduct results in someone being placed in reasonable fear of serious physical injury. This can carry a maximum penalty of three months in prison and one year of probation.

Harassment Charges in New York | Aggravated Harassment

First-degree aggravated harassment is a Class E felony with a maximum penalty of four years in prison. This often refers to harassment—intentionally threatening to endanger someone—based on race, nationality, gender, religion, age, or sexual orientation.

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