Radar and Lidar Speeding Tickets in New York State

If you were given a speeding ticket in New York State by Radar or Lidar, contact experienced Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney today.

If you’ve been ticketed for speeding in New York State, you’ve probably researched the fine, the penalty points and the requirements for traffic school and concluded that breaking the speed limit “just isn’t worth it!” Although you don’t get to “do it all over again,” you can help yourself immensely by hiring an attorney who has experience challenging the State Police in their use of radar and lidar.

New York State Troopers use two devices to measure vehicle speed: Stalker DSR units and LTI Ultralyte LR B devices. These are precise instruments, which require very little on the part of an operator to get an accurate reading. However, they are not perfect and, if you know what you’re doing, it is possible to challenge this evidence in court and get a dismissal of the ticket or a reduction in the charge.

Stalker Directional Sensing Radar employs a ground-breaking technology that allows the radar unit to detect the speed of an approaching or withdrawing object while the unit is stationary or moving. The trooper can use the unit while parked on the roadside or in pursuit, without having to adjust the unit. A trooper monitoring approaching traffic need not worry that the device will pick up readings from traffic going the opposite direction.

The LTI Ultralyte LR B is a pinpoint laser device that works extremely well in multi-lane traffic. The device sends out a beam of light then reads the speed when it bounces back from a moving object. The beam is only three feet wide at 1,000 feet of distance, allowing officers to validate the speed of a single vehicle, even in tight traffic. Yet, there may be grounds for you to question the accuracy of the reading:

  • When was the last time the device underwent maintenance?
  • Was there “an even faster car” that passed you around the time you were pulled over?
  • Does your EZ Pass record put you at a time and place that contradicts the speeding allegation?
  • Did the officer correctly fill out the citation?
  • Does your driving record give a judge cause to be lenient?

When you retain an attorney to manage your speeding ticket, you benefit from knowledge and experience that could make all the difference in your case.

Let an experienced New York traffic attorney fight for you

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