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Speed Week” is under way across the state, and we’re not talking about events at local race tracks.

State Police are targeting speeding and aggressive driving in a campaign that runs through Wednesday.

Expect to see more troopers on major highways, using both marked and unmarked vehicles. The latter are called Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement vehicles that blend in with traffic but have emergency lighting.

“The public can do their part to keep our streets safe simply by slowing down,” said State Police Superintendent Joseph A. D’Amico. “We want everyone to follow the posted speed limits and to watch their speed.”

More than 22,000 tickets were issued by State Police during the last Speed Week campaign in August 2014.

Fines for speeding on a 55 mph highway or in posted 65 mph zones range from $45 to $150 if you’re up to 10 mph above the limit; $90 to $300 if you’re between 11 and 30 mph over; and $180 to $600 if you’re going 31 mph or more over the limit. Penalties increase for second and third convictions, and there also are court surcharges and violation points on your driver’s license.

If you or a family member receive a ticket, contact WNY’s Traffic Attorney Arthur Pressman at (716) 984-1795.

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