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Unique DWI Charges

When you get charged with DWI, it is not necessarily because you were driving your car after drinking alcohol. Here are some unique DWI charges that you can get arrested for.

Unique DWI Charges | Marijuana

Unique DWI ChargesI represent many young adults and college students. I recently had a case in Amherst where my client was a student at the University of Buffalo. He was charged with driving while impaired by drugs. When he was pulled over, the officer smelled the odor of marijuana coming from his car and his person. He then admitted to driving after he had just smoked some marijuana. The penalties for smoking marijuana or ingesting any drug are nearly identical as those for drinking alcohol. Your license may be revoked, you can have a penalty of fines and/or jail imposed as well.

Unique DWI Charges | Prescription Medications

Many people nowadays take prescription medication for pain relief or other ailments. I was recently in the court in the town of Elma representing a woman who was taking pain medication for a long-term back ailment. If you are driving under the influence of pain medication and you’ve exceeded the amount you’re supposed to take or it’s a narcotic and you are impaired by this narcotic, it is a crime in New York State. It is the same thing if you are convicted of driving while impaired by marijuana, cocaine, an opiate, or any type of prescription medication. You are not allowed to drive in New York State if you are impaired by the prescription medication you are taking.

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Unique DWI Charges | Boats & Jet Skis

We live on Lake Erie on a number of waterways in the Western New York area. Many people use boats and jet skis. In New York it is illegal to consume alcohol and/or drugs while operating a jet ski or a boat. There is a charge of boating while intoxicated and that includes jet skis. I’ve represented numerous people who are out on the Niagara River or on Lake Erie who get arrested and stopped by the Sheriff’s patrol on the lake for boating or driving a jet ski while intoxicated. This applies all over Lake Erie down to Sunset Bay, Mickey Rat’s, and on the Niagara River as well in Niagara County going towards Lake Ontario.

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