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What to Know About Speeding Tickets

If you have been pulled over for speeding, you might be feeling anxious about the possible consequences. Here is what to know about speeding tickets.

What to Know About Speeding Tickets | Consequences

Speeding is a traffic offense in New York. A speeding ticket is costly and can cause your insurance premiums to go up based on the accumulation of points on your license. In addition, if your insurance company considers you high risk because of excessive tickets, your insurance is dropped completely. Getting a ticket doesn’t mean you’re guilty of speeding.

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What to Know About Speeding Tickets | Means of determining speeding in NY

A variety of different methods and forms of technology are used to measure the speed of a vehicle. Some of the most common methods of determining the charge are with the following devices:

  • Lasers: A laser is aimed at the targeted vehicle and the time/distance is measured. Lasers can pinpoint specific vehicles in congested traffic.
  • Radar guns: Radar guns aim an electromagnetic signal to determine the speed of a vehicle. An officer who uses the radar device has to be certain it is not picking up objects that may be in the targeted zone and cause interference.
  • Clock and pace method: An officer moves his vehicle behind another vehicle, keeping a uniform pace between the two vehicles for a certain time using the speedometer to measure the overall speed.
  • Speed cameras: In New York, a speed radar camera is used to trigger a camera to photograph vehicles traveling faster than a set speed. This type of device also captures the specific time, location, and speed.
  • Aerial speed devices: Police in New York measure vehicle speeds by aircraft by monitoring the time it takes the target to travel between two marked spots. They then signal to ground officers who issue the speeding violation.

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