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Have you been charged with a DWI and need help? Check out these 4 common DWI questions that are asked often, then call our Buffalo office.

1. What Happens If I Was Charged with Driving While Impaired?

4 Common DWI QuestionsI am frequently asked as a Buffalo DWI Lawyer what can happen if you were charged with driving while impaired. If you are convicted, this is a non criminal infraction and will not give you a criminal record. I advise clients as a Buffalo DWI Lawyer that you will receive a minimum fine of $300 and are required to attend a victim-impact panel. If you want a conditional or restricted license you must attend the class the DDP offers.

2. What are the Penalties for Driving While Impaired by Alcohol?

I am often asked as a Buffalo DWI Attorney what the penalties are for driving while impaired by alcohol in the state.  This means your blood test reading was between a .06 and a .07, below the DWI threshold of .08.  I advise clients as a Buffalo DWI Attorney that this is a noncriminal infraction, you will not have a criminal record but you could have a suspended license, and hefty fines.

3. I Was Arrested for a First Time DWI, What are the Penalties?

I am frequently asked as a Buffalo DWI Attorney of the penalties for a first time DWI offense.  Unfortunately, even if this is your first time you will still be given a criminal conviction, and this will appear on your record for the rest of your life.   A penalty for a first time offender is a 6 month suspension of your license, a $500 minimum fine, and a $400 surcharge.  I advise clients as a Buffalo DWI Attorney that you will even be required to install an inter locking device in your vehicle at your expense for at least 6 months, plus monthly fees.  You will also be required to attend a victim-impact panel.  If you need a conditional or restricted license during the time your license has been suspended, you will need to take a DDP class.

4. What Happens if I was Arrested for DWI with Prior Convictions?

I was recently asked as a Buffalo DWI Lawyer what could happen if you were arrested for DWI and had a prior conviction.  If you have had a prior Driving While Intoxicated conviction in the last 10 years you will be given a felony.  If you have had a prior Driving while impaired conviction in the last five years, then the penalties are increased.  If you have had three driving while impaired convictions in 10 years, what is normally a noncriminal infraction, it is changed to a misdemeanor conviction.

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