4 Ways To Get Ahead on Your Traffic Case

Did you get charged with a traffic ticket and need a lawyer? Read this article about the 4 ways to get ahead on your traffic case. Call us now.

1) Points From a Speeding Ticket

  • 4 Ways To Get Ahead on Your Traffic CaseThere is a point system for speeding tickets in New York State
  • The point system is based on how fast you were going
  • 0-10 mph is 3 points, 11-20 is 4 points, 21-30 is 6 points, 31-40 is 8 points, and 41 mph over the speed limit is 11 points which will result in you losing your license.

2) Out of State Drivers & Reciprocity

  • Reciprocity means that New York State’s DMV will report to 45 states, the province of Ontario and the province of Quebec if you have been issued a traffic ticket or violation.
  • It is important to take action and defend your charges with an experienced lawyer to keep you from earning additional fees or penalties in your home town.

3) Insurance Lapse Violation

  • You will face charges in traffic or criminal court and the DMV can impose other penalties.
  • The DMV will impose a fine of eight dollars a day for insurance lapse.
  • Between 31 and 60 days, the DMV will impose a $10 fee a day.
  • Beyond that, 61-90 days the fee will become $12.  Your license could also become suspended.

4) Penalties for Driving without a License

  • Driving with out a license is a criminal traffic offense.
  • Driving with a suspended license that you could go to jail and receive fines.

If you have questions about these 4 ways to get ahead on your traffic case, contact our experienced Buffalo Traffic Violations Lawyers to be your ticket to justice!

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