5 DWI Tips

Were you charged with a DWI while driving a motor vehicle and have questions? Check out our 5 DWI tips, then give our Buffalo attorney a call.

1. Losing a Job from a DWI Charge

  • 5 DWI TipsIt is up to your own licensing board to determine the penalties
  • New York state will not punish you by making you lose your job

2. How the DMV Enforce DWI and DWAI Convictions

  • If you have multiple DWI or DWAI over a certain amount of time, you could have your license revoked for 5, 10 and even your life time.
  • If you have had 5 or more alcohol related convictions over the last 25 years, the DMV may revoke your license for life.
  • If you have had several incidences of refusing a breath test, the DMV may revoke your license for several years.

3. Entering Canada with a DWI

  • Canada will exclude you from entering for 5 years, which after that you can apply for a permit.
  • I advise clients as a Buffalo DWI Attorney that after 10 years, you will have no issue entering Canada without restrictions.

4. DWI on a Bicycle

  • New York state requires the vehicle to be motorized in order to be charged with a DWI

5. DWI on a Boat

  • It is illegal to consume alcohol and or drugs while operating a jet ski or boat
  • I have represented many people who have gotten DWI’s while driving a jet ski or boat

Have you recently gotten a DWI while driving a motor vehicle and have questions about our 5 DWI tips?  If so, contact the experienced Buffalo DWI Attorney Arthur Pressman.

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