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6 Most Common Sobriety TestsI am frequently asked as a Buffalo DWI Attorney what will happen if you are pulled over for suspected DWI in New York.  The officer will have you step out of your vehicle for standard field sobriety tests.  I advise and prepare my clients as a Buffalo DWI Attorney that the 6 most common sobriety tests are:

1. HGN Test – Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test : An officer will ask you to look at a pen as he moves it side by side to look for any eye movements to detect alcohol.

2. Walk and Turn Test: You are asked to walk nine steps heel to toe in a straight line.  The officer will detect how you are walking and if you are using your arms to balance or even fall down.

3. One Legged Stand:  Raise one of your legs and hold it up and count for 30 seconds.  The officer will look to see if you can keep your leg up for that time.

4. Finger to Nose Test: Requires you to extend your arms out and touch your nose, typically three times being completely straight.

5. Romberg’s Test: Keep your arms by your side while standing attention, you will tilt your head back and hold it there.  The officer will look to see if you are swaying side to side.

6. Alphabet Test:  Saying the alphabet beginning to end or starting the alphabet at a certain letter and then finishing it up.  The officer is looking to see if you can do this and follow directions.

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