Buffalo Defense Lawyer Discusses Prostitution

Were you charged with patronizing a prostitute? If so, check out this article where our Buffalo Defense Lawyer discusses prostitution.

As an experienced Buffalo Criminal Defense Lawyer I am often asked about prostitution.  A client of mine in Buffalo city court was recently charged with patronizing a prostitute. Basically he was charged with attempting to have sex with a prostitute for money. In this case it was an undercover police officer. These are criminal charges, which have to be dealt with an experienced criminal lawyer. In most cases for a first offense, I am able to negotiate a reduction to a non-criminal charge, and you will not have a criminal record for this.

Were you recently charged with patronizing a prostitute?  If so, contact Buffalo criminal defense lawyer Arthur Pressman.

This education blog was brought to you by Arthur Pressman, an experienced Buffalo Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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