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Have you had a chance to download Buffalo Attorney Arthur Pressman’s Free Criminal Defense app?

Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney Arthur Pressman has created a new mobile app to provide you with quick and helpful resources, with easy access to tools that can help you connect to him at the touch of a button.  With the new mobile app you can watch all of our helpful criminal defense educational videos on the go, without the need of a desktop computer.

Download Our Free Student’s Criminal Defense Guide

You will be able to learn some of the most frequently asked questions in criminal defense like: What are the Penalties for Being Arrested for a Drug Crime?What Will Happen If I Get Pulled Over For DWI?Should I Take the Breath Test if Suspected of DWI?Do I Need to Appear in Court for a Traffic Ticket?  and many more.

Arthur Pressman Law App

Learn from the experience of Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney Arthur Pressman as he explains defenses in criminal defense law, like DWI, traffic violations, and felony charges.

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