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Getting Arraigned

Are you worried about the consequences of getting arraigned? Our Buffalo criminal defense attorney tells you what you need to know.

Getting Arraigned | How it Works

As an experienced Western New York DWI Lawyer I am often asked if one has to show up to their DWI arraignment.  I represent many clients who come from Toronto, Ontario, and neighboring states and counties. They frequently ask me, “Do I have to come to court, or can you go to court for me?” When you are charged with a DWI or any criminal offense whether its traffic related or penile law related, you must make your initial appearance at arraignment in person. Oftentimes I am able to wave your other appearances in court until we have a final resolution of your case.

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Getting Arraigned | Getting Property Back from The Police

As an experienced Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorney I am regularly asked how one should go about getting their property back from the police.  Oftentimes when someone is arrested, evidence is seized or property is seized. My clients want to get their property back. Depending on how it is determined by the police, whether it is evidence or property, will dictate whether they can get it back immediately or once the case is concluded. If it is evidence, it is not returnable immediately after your arrest. If it is just property such as personal property and it is not part of the case, you should be able to get your property back immediately after your arraignment.

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