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As an experienced Western New York DWI Lawyer I am often asked by clients who have been arrested for suspected DWI whether they are required to show up to the DWI arraignment.  I represent many clients who come from Toronto, Ontario, and neighboring states and counties. They frequently ask me, “Do I have to come to court, or can you go to court for me?” Oftentimes, they were just passing through the area and have difficulty returning, especially with a pending charge. When you are charged with a DWI or any criminal offense, whether it’s traffic related or penal law related, you must make your initial appearance at arraignment in person. During the arraignment, the judge will typically read you your charges, ask if you have an attorney or require a court-appointed one. They will also ask how you plead to the charges, and decide on a bail amount. Finally, you will be given a date when the future proceedings will occur, such as the preliminary hearing, etc. Oftentimes I am able to wave your other appearances in court until we have a final resolution of your case, but you are absolutely required to make the first appearance.

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