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Serious Drug Crimes

Serious Drug Crimes

The state of New York has historically been known for some of the toughest drug laws in the United States. Most offenses involving controlled substances are felonies. They carry huge fines and most often are accompanied by long prison sentences. Here is some information on serious drug crimes that you should be aware of.

Serious Drug Crimes | Criminal Drug Cases

There is a wide spectrum of drug crimes of which one can be charged with committing. The types of criminal drug cases include:

  • Sale of controlled substance — Conviction of selling drugs is an offense that could lead to extensive jail or prison time.
  • Drug possession — Possession of 500mg or more is already a Class D felony punishable by one to two and a half years in prison.
  • Drug trafficking — Like most states, New York has laws that strictly punish those convicted of producing, distributing, or selling controlled substances.
  • Marijuana charges — Marijuana charges vary significantly. Possessing a few joints, cultivating a field and trafficking marijuana are examples of marijuana drug charges.
  • Narcotics charges — There are certain drugs that are very dangerous to society. Legislatures have enacted laws that make the possession of these drugs, in even small amounts, a felony offense. Heroin, ecstasy and cocaine are examples of these drugs.

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Serious Drug Crimes | What Affects Drug Penalties?

The penalty sought by the prosecution and the sentence ordered by the court depends on the circumstances of the crime. The following are some of the factors affecting the penalty, per the criminal defense laws in NY State:

  • Which illegal substance was involved in the crime?
  • How much of the drug was involved?
  • Was selling or intent to sell drugs evident?
  • Were firearms seized with the narcotics?
  • Does the client have any prior convictions and, if so, were any of them for felonies or violent felonies?
  • Had the client received drug treatment?

If you have been accused of any of these serious drug crimes, don’t panic. Contact our experienced Buffalo drug crime lawyer today for a free consultation. We will work diligently to have your charges reduced or dropped altogether.

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