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As an experienced Amherst DWI Attorney I am often asked questions regarding impounding cars.  The penalties for DWI in New York have increasingly become more severe over the years. If you’re arrested for DWI in New York, the police department will usually impound your vehicle, the DMV will suspend your license, and you may even face jail time.

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I recently had a client who was driving his girlfriend’s car in the town of Amherst and was arrested for DWI. He was the only one in the vehicle. The Amherst police impounded the vehicle, and his girlfriend had to go the next day and get it out of impound. If you have a passenger from the vehicle who is sober and is the rightful owner of the vehicle, oftentimes the police agencies will allow them to drive the vehicle away. Otherwise it is towed and taken to the local impound lot where you will incur daily fees to get your car out of impound. It is important to note that since the offenders license will be suspended by the DMV, police often ask the impound lots to notify them if the offender drives away with the vehicle. This can lead to a new arrest of driving with a suspended license, and can further complicate your initial DWI case. I always suggest going with a friend or family member and having them drive the impounded vehicle home for you.

Was your car impounded because someone else got a DWI while driving it?  If so, contact experienced Amherst DWI Attorney Arthur Pressman for dedicated representation. With over 20 years of experience handling these types of cases, he can be your ticket to justice.

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