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I am often asked as a Buffalo Domestic Violence Lawyer what can happen if you are charged with domestic violence in New York.  If you’ve been charged with a domestic violence crime in New York State, the penalties and consequences on your life can be quite severe. You may be separated from your loved ones, your children, your spouse, your family, and your home. I advise clients that you may also spend time in jail, and you may have an order of protection issued against you to keep away from those you hold dear. It is important that you contact me immediately upon an arrest for any domestic-related charge. This could include assault, harassment, criminal mischief, criminal contempt, strangulation, or any abuse of children.

If you have been charged with domestic violence in New York state, contact Attorney Arthur Pressman to be your ticket to justice.

This educational blog post was provided by Arthur Pressman, an experienced Buffalo Domestic Violence Lawyer.

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