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I was convicted December 5th 2007 with a third drinking and driving infraction. I did five years’ probation, with no problems with law. I paid all of my fines well before they were due. Does anybody know the particulars of the law that were passed in 2011 that speak of when it goes into effect, and who falls under it? The law says it can go back in your record 20 years. Also, wasn’t it written in effect that if you get a dwi after a certain date that is what will screw you? But let’s be honest we only screw ourselves.

I’m 34 years old, very skilled and intelligent, but I’m confused about this. Also, the driver improvement program in 2012 made me get proof that I was recently in an outpatient program. Why would I have gone to one five years after?

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As an experienced Buffalo DWI Lawyer I am often asked about penalties from a third DWI.  The law that went into effect is retroactive, and it does look back 25 years at your driving record. Your license can be suspended for five years and up to 25 years. I advise clients that they will look at your complete driving record, not only your prior convictions for a DWI.

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This legal question was asked on Facebook and answered by Arthur Pressman, an experienced Buffalo DWI Lawyer.  This does not consent an attorney client relationship.


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