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I am often asked as an experienced Buffalo DWI Lawyer what the charges or penalties would be for a first time DWI/DUI in New York.  A first time offender in New York State who’s convicted of driving while intoxicated will have a criminal conviction. This will appear on your record both for your DMV and a criminal history the rest of your life. It is not sealed. It is not expunged. It will never go away. I advise clients that the first time penalty for driving while intoxicated in New York State, is a six month revocation of your license, a $500 minimum fine, and a $400 mandatory state surcharge. You will also have to install in your vehicle an interlock ignition device at your expense for at least six months. There is an installation cost and a monthly cost of having the interlock ignition device in your vehicle. You will also have to attend a victim impact panel. That is one class where you will meet people who have relatives or they themselves were victims of potential DWIs or accidents of someone who was DWI. In order to get a restricted or conditional license during the period of your revocation, you’ll have to attend a DDP program. This is a program that is offered to give you a restricted license during the period of your revocation. The courts may, on their own discretion, impose other conditions. Sometimes it’s community service, sometimes it’s counseling, but there are a wide variety of options open to them.

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This educational blog post was provided by Arthur Pressman, an experienced Buffalo DWI Lawyer.

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