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Criminal law is a complex field, replete with a number of concepts that appear unclear and often overlap. For this reason, our office fields questions rather often from clients who are unclear about the difference between a felony charge and a misdemeanor charge. Some clients even think that the two are synonymous. Nevertheless, when we receive this common question, we break down the difference between felonies and misdemeanors. Watch the following video by experienced Buffalo criminal defense attorney Arthur Pressman for clarification.

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Felonies and Misdemeanors

There are numerous and distinct variables that separate felonies and misdemeanors, but the key difference between the two types is the penalties that are involved. On a felony conviction, an individual will be mandated to go to a state prison facility or to have a longer-term probation. If an individual is instead convicted of a misdemeanor in New York State, the maximum penalty can only be imposed at a local correctional facility, and the penalties are far less severe than those for a felony.

If you or a loved one was charged with a misdemeanor, or felony, contact experienced Buffalo criminal defense attorney Arthur Pressman for effective representation.  He has over 30 years of experience defending good people caught up in bad situations and stands ready to defend you. Call (716) 517-4250 or contact us online for experienced and aggressive representation. Let him be your ticket to justice.

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