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Endangering The Welfare of a Child

Endangering The Welfare of a Child Buffalo Child Endangerment Lawyer

If Child Protective Services has threatened to remove your child or children from your home, it could be the result of a criminal charge against you. Watch the following educational video by Buffalo defense Attorney Arthur Pressman to find out about such a case that our firm handled, in which our client was charged with endangering […]

Felonies and Misdemeanors

Felonies and Misdemeanors

Criminal law is a complex field, replete with a number of concepts that appear unclear and often overlap. For this reason, our office fields questions rather often from clients who are unclear about the difference between a felony charge and a misdemeanor charge. Some clients even think that the two are synonymous. Nevertheless, when we […]

Benefits of Fighting Your Traffic Ticket

Benefits of Fighting Your Traffic Ticket Buffalo Traffic Violation Lawyer

Though traffic tickets may seem insignificant, requiring little more than paying a sometimes unnecessary fine, every legal matter can benefit from intervention by an attorney. If you have received a traffic ticket for parking, speeding, or an issue related to your driver’s license, watch Buffalo traffic violation attorney Arthur Pressman’s video below to learn more […]

What Is An Alco-Sensor Test?

What Is An Alco-Sensor Test DWI Attorney in Buffalo, NY

If you have been pulled over by a police officer under suspicion of driving while intoxicated (DWI), you might have been ordered during the stop to breathe into an Alco Sensor. The data that this device provides may not make or break a case, but it can bolster the charges against you. Watch the following […]

Cost of a Traffic Ticket Attorney

Cost of a Traffic Ticket Attorney Buffalo Traffic Violation Attorney

Traffic tickets are the bane of every driver’s existence. Tickets given out to drivers who have endangered the safety of others on the road, whether through excessive speeding or similar reckless actions, are perfectly justifiable. But then there are the tickets distributed when a driver parks in an improper location, forgets to come to a […]

Driving Without a License

Driving Without a License Criminal Defense Lawyer in Buffalo, NY

Driving without a license in New York State is a traffic violation, but the status of the driver’s licensure directly affects the legal penalties that follow the arrest. A driver who never obtained a license in the first place can face different consequences than a motorist whose license has expired, been suspended, or been revoked […]

Possession of a Fake ID

Possession of a Fake ID Criminal Defense Lawyer in Buffalo, NY

Western New York is home to numerous post-secondary schools, such as SUNY University at Buffalo, Erie Community College, SUNY Buffalo State, and Genesee Community College. Many universities and colleges have issues with underage drinking among their student bodies, with Greek life and local bars proving alluring to students under the age of 21. Some college […]

Ultimate Guide to Traffic Violations in Buffalo

Ultimate Guide to Traffic Violations in Buffalo

When you are issued a traffic ticket by a police officer, your first instinct may be to mail it in and plead guilty. However, this costs points on your license, time, and money. Traffic penalties cost more these days than just the cost of the ticket. Per a recent analysis by, a reckless driving […]

Weapons Charges: Understanding Penalties and Defenses

Weapons Charges Understanding Penalties and Defenses

New York State has some of the toughest gun and other weapon laws and restrictions in the nation. Possessing a gun without a permit, carrying a legal and registered gun in the wrong place, or even carrying a knife that’s “too large” could result in criminal charges; seemingly minor complications could turn misdemeanors into felony […]

New York Assault Penalty Guide

The New York Assault Penalty Guide

Three Degrees of Defense for the Accused If you have been arrested or charged for assault in New York, The New York Assault Penalty Guide was created to help you understand the consequences you could face.  Contact our office and let Attorney Arthur Pressman help you through the allegations. In the United States, crimes are categorized three […]