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Driving without a license in New York State is a traffic violation, but the status of the driver’s licensure directly affects the legal penalties that follow the arrest. A driver who never obtained a license in the first place can face different consequences than a motorist whose license has expired, been suspended, or been revoked entirely. The criteria are specific in these claims, creating a sort of legal minefield for any driver without representation by an attorney. To better understand the consequences of being stopped by the police for driving without a license, be sure to watch criminal defense attorney Arthur Pressman’s discussion of traffic violations in the video below. If you have questions, or were charged with driving without a license, please contact our office to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney today.

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Driving Without a License

In New York State, driving without a license typically means that you have not been issued a license and that you are driving without one. Driving on a suspended license is a different charge that is a criminal traffic misdemeanor in New York State. In most cases, your license has been suspended for failing to pay traffic fines or tickets in other localities.

If you or a loved one was charged with driving without a license, contact experienced Buffalo criminal defense attorney Arthur Pressman for representation.  He has over 30 years of experience defending good people caught up in bad situations and stands ready to defend you. Call (716) 200-4625 or contact us online for experienced and aggressive representation. Let him be your ticket to justice.

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