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Driving Without a License

Driving Without a License Criminal Defense Lawyer in Buffalo, NY

Driving without a license in New York State is a traffic violation, but the status of the driver’s licensure directly affects the legal penalties that follow the arrest. A driver who never obtained a license in the first place can face different consequences than a motorist whose license has expired, been suspended, or been revoked […]

Possession of a Fake ID

Possession of a Fake ID Criminal Defense Lawyer in Buffalo, NY

Western New York is home to numerous post-secondary schools, such as SUNY University at Buffalo, Erie Community College, SUNY Buffalo State, and Genesee Community College. Many universities and colleges have issues with underage drinking among their student bodies, with Greek life and local bars proving alluring to students under the age of 21. Some college […]

7 Youthful Offender Crimes

7 Youthful Offender Crimes

The 7 Most Common Youthful Offender Crimes Young adulthood can be a difficult time because it is inherently paradoxical; teenagers are given many of the responsibilities of the average adult, but they are still viewed by society as children. This cognitive dissonance can spur high schoolers and college students alike to engage in risky activities, […]