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Western New York is home to numerous post-secondary schools, such as SUNY University at Buffalo, Erie Community College, SUNY Buffalo State, and Genesee Community College. Many universities and colleges have issues with underage drinking among their student bodies, with Greek life and local bars proving alluring to students under the age of 21. Some college students may try to circumvent the age limit on drinking by buying a fake ID, which can be so similar to the genuine article that only a police officer can tell the difference. Fake IDs are not merely frowned upon; they are illegal, and using one is a crime. In the video below, Buffalo criminal defense attorney Arthur Pressman discusses what to expect as a consequence of being charged with possession of a fake ID.

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Possession of a Fake ID

I represent many students and underage adults who are charged with using fake IDs. Typically, these go to the city of Buffalo and the town of Amherst, where we have many colleges. It is a criminal offense. You could be charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony. It is important when you are charged with using a fake ID that you obtain legal counsel immediately afterwards.

If you were charged with possession of a fake ID in Buffalo, contact experienced criminal defense attorney Arthur Pressman for representation.  He has over 30 years of experience defending good people caught up in bad situations and stands ready to defend you. Call (716) 200-4625 or contact us online for experienced and aggressive representation. Let him be your ticket to justice.

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